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I'm currently a nursing student on my way to completing my ADN. I planned to try the 1 yr RN-BSN option that WGU was offering. I was wondering, can it be done while actively enlisted in the navy? I'd like to hear any advice.... Read More

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    Sorry...fat thumbs and I sent too soon.
    As mentioned earlier, my suggestions would be first NROTC and then Navy Reserve. If you absolutely want active duty now, don't plan to use your RN license until you obtain your BSN and are commissioned as an officer. Either way you choose to go, serving is well worth get what you give. I started in nursing school prior to enlisting and dropped out of my first semester of nursing school to enlist active duty Navy. My plan was to serve for 4 years and return to nursing school...well my plans changed and I made the Navy a career. I retired in 2009 and returned to school for nursing as a second career. I do not regret for one moment my decision to enlist or to stay as long as I did. If you have questions about the process, please feel free to Send me a PM. Your first step is to talk to a recruiter. Keep in mind that the first recruiter you come in contact with is most likely an active duty recruiter. While most of them will have your interests in mind and genuinely care about helping you, they do work for the Navy first and foremost, so they will be trying to match your wants with what the Navy needs now. Many times when I was recruiting the corpsman job was not readily available...just like in the civilian world needs change based on multiple factors. Best of luck to you.

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