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The time has come, I am actively looking for a job. I have an appointment to see someone this week and have several leads on other positions that sound interesting. I am a little unsettled, I have not worked in 2 years, hubby... Read More

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    Quote from MamaTheNurse
    you sound like an awesome nurse to work with!!!!
    hope you enjoy your new job!!
    Thank you so much for the kind words. I try, really try to live by the golden rule. Somedays it works, others it doesn't, but it generally makes life more interesting and fullfilling on the days it does work. :angel2:

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    Luck, BFL :icon_hug:

    You'll have it all down pat in no time
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    Good luck on your new job I am from nothern WV , Clarksburg graduted LPN in 2003 and am currently @ Davis and Elkins for RN degree
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    Good luck in your new job. I have a friend that works in the cardiac ICU in Parkersburg, but she is starting anesthesia school this spring, so she will be leaving. I'm currently in DC in anesthesia school but I cannot wait to get back home to WV.

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