Who works Christmas??

  1. Me of course. Who else?
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  3. by   edchunt
    No schedule yet. But, I don't think I will this year. I sneaked a peek at the penciled in tentative version.
  4. by   barefootlady
    Well, ed, have a great day off. I do not really mind working, with all the kids grown and some of them will not be here until after the 25th, I guess I can let the nurses with little ones off. It just sucks that a mystery person will have to cook dinner. LOL!
  5. by   NotReady4PrimeTime
    We're contractually required to work either Christmas or New Year's Day every year. Our contract actually says that we must work both the 24th and 25th or the 25th and 26th, or the 31st and 1st. And we alternate. Our staffing manager keeps track of who worked what last year and makes the schedule according to that. It's my turn to work New Year. I'm working the 22nd, the 26th and 27th and the 31st and 1st. In the event that our census is low (highly unlikely) all the names go into a hat and the manager draws the lucky person to get the shift off.
  6. by   RNrural
    I have been on the night shift for almost a year and I will be working Christmas Eve of course!
  7. by   barefootlady
    Our staff dinner is this Sunday night. I am sort of stumped on what to take. We are all cooks, so there will be lots of food. I work Saturday night, so there will be no real time for cooking. It will be a veggie tray or something I can put in the crock pot and forget. LOL!
  8. by   blueheaven
    We alternate major holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year) so this year I am off!