ROLL CALL!!!!! Where are our WV nurses????

  1. 0 Hey guys and gals! This forum has been silent for WAY too long! Who's still out there??? Don't sneak and peek - speak up and say hello!!!!!!! WAKE UP!!!!!
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    From 'West Virginia, USA'; 51 Years Old; Joined Jun '06; Posts: 69; Likes: 36.

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    just starting my NS in a week! I'm here! lol
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    HERE! What is really going on.? :-)
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    Newbie here!! I'm getting ready to start nursing school in August at Marshall Univ. SO EXCITED
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    Hello! I'm Kacie, and I'm also starting nursing school at Marshall in a couple of weeks. I'll be going into the sophomore year of BSN classes, since I've already got all of my core pre-reqs out of the way (I'm a returning student). I'm both very excited and very nervous.
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    I just got my license on August 7, 2012. I work at CAMC. I started on the floor today. There is alot to learn.
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    Another Wv nurse here. I use to work open heart recovery. Now I am an ER nurse at St. Mary's... Love the ER. All of the new guys need to check the ER out, especially on trauma night.
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    Hello! I am taking the plunge and changing my career and going into nursing , which I wanted to do always. I always had. I need your expertise, I am 32 and obviously do not have the luxury to be in school for a long time. What would I need to do? I hear do not go to state u because the pass rate ain't very good. I heard Kanawha Community is fair. First of all do I need to take any course before my BSN? I have read that I need to take my preRecs. And what is a ADN? I heard both ADn and BSN can get you ready for the exam for being an RN. Do I need to take the extra 2 years? Or can I just go straight to the BSN? My goal is to be a NP. Thank you I. Advance for your priceless advice.
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    Also I wanted to comment on my poor typing. My apologies.
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    Vienna, WV here.
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    Spencer, WV here. I work in a medical clinic and have been an LPN for 30 years. Thinking about finishing RN classes, but... not sure. I love helping people, probably the reason I'm still here!
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    OK, I'll bite: I'm in the BSN to RN program at WVU SON in Morgantown. I'm also 56 years old; apparently the oldest in the WVU program. Any contemporaries out there?
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    Morgantown, WV here. I am currently enrolled in the MSN program at WVU; finishing my second semester. I am a newer nurse, graduated in 2012. I just wanted to say hello to everyone and I am glad to see some activity on this thread.
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