Overtime Bill Passed. What will YOU do?

  1. How many West Virginia nurses plan to work extra hours without overtime pay?
    What, if anything, is your facility saying about this issue?
    Will you be able to cut work hours to make up for mandatory overtime?
    What is hubby saying about this?
    Last but not least, will we as a group of highly trained professionals allow ourselves to be treated in this manner?
    Let me know if there is a march planned on Charleston, or Washington, D.C.
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  3. by   passing thru
    As I wrote in the Current Events Section:


    West Virginia has the sorryiest excuses for political representatives.
    I see a new member of that sorry azz corrupt Manchin family is running for state office. Daddy and grand-daddy
    garnered -- EMBEZZLED from the state treasury - - several million $$$$$$$$$ each,
    G.D. even convicted..
    West Virginians are lining up to vote in the 3rd generation crook !!

    LOL Nowhere but West Virginia.
    West Virginians deserve what crap they get..IMHO.

    What about the overtime law?

    Well, the federal government just put out their annual budget. The treasury department rakes in 400 Billion dollars a year....from all of us poor working stiffs.

    About 400 men decide how to spend the 400 Billion $$$.

    Those are the reps and senators/president... etc.

    They decided we should NOT get overtime pay.

    SO, what are you going to do??

    Wait and hope for a march???
    What good would come of that?

    Myself, I plan to stand in the voting booth in November and vote in whoever is running for office. Starting at the top...with the president.
    You can't vote "Party."
    You have to choose each person you vote for. NO incombents get re-elected.

    Four years from now,..... to prevent being voted out.....
    your reps and senators and president will be listening to you,
    and revoking silly-greedy "no overtime" laws.

    And medicare prescription laws, and a whole lot more.

    What is the threat of a protest march to them?

    What is the threat of actually being voted out of office?
    THEN, they stand to lose .... a lot!
  4. by   Ravenowl
    What are all the hospitals going to do if nurses refuse to work overtime without overtime pay? They won't fire all the nurses, so if everyone stuck together things would be changed back. The regular pay in Wv. is sub-standard as it is. I certainly wouldn't work overtime without the added pay!
  5. by   barefootlady
    To Passing Thru: Hey, I love my home state, sure we have some crooked politicians. But so do other states, South Carolina comes to mind and New York. We do not deserve anything we get. Some of us have been working hard for years to change things here. MONEY talks here and everywhere else, COAL/OIL/GAS/ and CHEMICAL's have had a strangle hold on this state since we became a state. We will keep trying to resolve issues but the rest of this country has certainly benefits from our resources.

    Ravenowl: Yes, the hospitals are threatening to fire RN's who refuse to work on short notice. Check CAMC's new employee handbook. NO ONE knows what stance the local hospital's are going to take on this issue. Like rural Va, the nurses here are working to support families, they cannot refuse to work and they need the job, so unless the State Nurse's Asso and the BON help us, we are between a rock and a hard place.

    Anybody else have any comments?
  6. by   CseMgr1
    BUSH: OUT THE DOOR IN 2004!!
  7. by   Ravenowl
    I know that everyone needs their job, but I think if a hospital threatened to fire you for not working overtime even if it's in their handbook that they are bluffing! Overworked and underpaid nurses in West Va. aren't any good to themselves or the patient. But I do understand what you say. If we didn't have to work then we wouldn't need the money! Or is it the other way around
  8. by   live4today
    So much for having higher nursing education, huh?

    If nurses are never going to achieve a professional status instead of being treated like blue collar workers are treated, why bother to pay so much money into obtaining higher nursing education? Why bother to have a BSN or MSN?

    It seems to me that no matter if we have MORE education than doctors or not, we're still going to be treated like "second class citizens".

    I will NOT work overtime without being paid for it, no matter where I work.

    I guess the next thing they will do is put nurses on a salary, and get rid of all the "clocking in" meters since it won't matter if we clock out after an eight or twelve hour shift.

    The "women's movement" is NOT helping women to advance in this country. As I see it, we're going "backwards" NOT forwards.