Need Answers About Camden Clark Hospital

  1. I am currently thinking of moving to Parkersburg. I am eyeballing one hospital in particular, Camden Clark Memorial Hospital. I have seen a few online ads about the facility and I have also been there. I do like the layout, but I did not like the OB staff (but I won't be working in that area). Does anyone work at CCMH now, or maybe worked there in the past? Any opinions? Any good/bad stories to share? Also, they posted on their website about a Sign On Bonus for ICU RNs, does anyone know how much/how long the contract is for? Do they have different subspecialty ICUs? Any comments, suggestions from your own experience or family members experices would be most helpful!! HAVE A GREAT DAY!
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  3. by   barefootlady
    Poor rep in community. Poor staffing, poor educational opportunities, pay and benefits average. This is from a friend who worked there.
  4. by   luvmykidz
    I agree with the previous poster. Poor staffing, huge turnover, low pay compared to other places, forced over-time. I heard you only get the bonus once you've worked a whole year.
  5. by   momofabmtcs
    Don't do it. Especially ICU. Most of the nurses that work there are hateful and very rude, especially to new people. You have to be part of their click to fit in or you will be taking knives out of your back at the end of your shift. You do not get any support from management. I heard they took away the bonus. Staffing is a whole nother issue. Not safe for your patients or yourself.
  6. by   barefootlady
    Recently spoke with a family member from Parkersburg area. He had a horrible experience there last month just trying to get some sort of routine tests. He said they lost his orders, took forever to call the doctor to get new orders, was stuck several times for sample and when he complained was more or less told "too bad",
    He says he will never go back. This seems to be the sort of thing a lot of people from the area talk about. One lady told me she was forgotten in the hallway for xray for over an hour, she needed to go to the BR, walked somewhere to ask where it was and was told to get out of department, no one was allowed where she was but staff. She says she will never go back either. Most people seems to have a very good opinion of Marietta Memorial, but that would require getting an Ohio license. Lets just say Camden-Clark may have been a good place at one time but has slipped way down the pole these days.