Mountain State University LPN-BSN program Info please

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    Anyone in MD attending Mountain State University Lpn-BSN program? How is it,how long is the program. This program is the only option for me right now and would really like to get my BSN. All information and any info would be helpful as far as cost and how many days a week are classes plus clinicals. Please, all information would be helpful. thanks

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    Sorry, did you say Maryland? This school is in Beckley,WV. Are you referring to the online program? This is becoming a popular school in the area, many programs, but a bit pricey. I have no inside info, but I know many people who did this program, jumped through many hoops and paid a lot of money, but they seem to be happy with the education the obtained. Blessings.
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    Get in touch with the school itself, it is always willing to help you with any and all questions. I know several of the instructors, they bend over to help the studends obtain the needed education. It is costly.
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    I did the Mt. State LPN-BSN program and I would not recommend it to anyone. They will tell you that it is 2 years long - it's actually 3 1/2....they will tell you it's only 1 night a week - but the last 2 years it's one night a week AND every weekend AND extra "on your own time" volunteer work. The cohort programs are a disaster and I would not be surprised if the entire thing didn't get shut down in the next few years.

    Edit: Oh, and it costs 40,000 +
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    I would not recommend it either. There are many BSN programs online. WVU has a program. If I had it to do over I would have attended another school. Many times you are left hanging when trying to get registered for classes, purchasing books, etc. I can remember many times we would be 2-3 weeks into a class before we even had our books.
    I paid over $40K. I am glad I have my degree but should have considered other options.
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    I heard one or two of the instructors have been very preoccupied this year and left a lot to be desired. I talked to ne and she told me the school is not supporting some educational issues the instructors feel are important.
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    Some instructors are good, some have less to be desired. You do get that everywhere. But many in my class passed boards of their 1st try.
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    Do they conduct the program at the Martinsburg, WV or Washington DC campuses?
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    Martinsburg; I do not know about DC
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    I was told by a current student that no class will be able to graduate from any of their LPN-BSN cohort programs due to their accreditation being pulled. They have been on probation for a long time. Honestly, I have heard nothing but horrible things about the school.

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