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Hey all, I just got accepted to the nursing program at Mtn. St. U and I am just wondering how the program is there? Is there a ranking or anything of that nature on the school? I have also applied to WVU (where i currently... Read More

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    Well might as well update. I decided to go to WVU. I am attending Potomac state for one year then transferring to Morgantown to finish up. Hopefully since I have been in school for 4 years i can get the accelerated program. They're NCLEX passing rate is good and they are taking special measures to raise that rate. I have to drive 1 1/2 hours 4 days a week for class but next semester i only go 3 days so it's not too bad. I'm happy with the school and can't wait to get to WVU to finish up

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    Good luck at WVU. It is not a bad school of nursing and the hospital has plenty to offer in learning experiences for the students.
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    Quote from tronix304
    Hey all, I just got accepted to the nursing program at Mtn. St. U and I am just wondering how the program is there? Is there a ranking or anything of that nature on the school? I have also applied to WVU (where i currently attend), Marshall, and university of north carolina. I'm hoping to get in to WVU's program but I wont hear anything back until next month. Does anyone know how good the programs are in these schools? Thanks!
    Ive known alot of people who went there & i have been told it always takes longer than they say its going to, and its pretty pricey! GL
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    I am a student at Southern and in the nursing program. Not only is the program the best in the state it's also affordable. It is a hard program and really hard to get into. But I know anywhere in the southern part of the state (including Charleston) they will hire graduates and students from Southern first. I do know that applications should be due the first part of the year so if you're interested I'd call and try to get an application!
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    i am currently attending mountain state universities cohort program in huntington wv and i agree that the class is pricey but it is worth it if you want to have a life while going to school and working.... i am goin for lpn to bsn and this program is the way to go for me but not for everyone.... i only go one day a week and the teachers are great....
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    Where are you in the cohort? What class are you taking at this time?
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    i am in the second semester and like i said i dont think this class is for everyone .... but i like it ..... it is good if u want to still have time to work and have a life out side of nursing school... i just finished the english part and i am getting ready to start the chemistry part sooo far its goin great for me.....
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    While you are in spectrum it is only one day a week but when you get into the nursing core courses you will be in class 1-2 days a week plus 1-2 clinical days. Some clinical days are 12 hours it all depends on how your instructor has it set up.
    I considered getting my AA but figured that one day a week was much better. Then it moved up to 3-4 days each week. By then I had so much invested in the program switching schools/programs was not an option. I was lucky that my employer was flexible in allowing me to attend classes. Some of my class members either had to quit working or go to part-time. My whole life was put on hold for over 2 years till I graduated.
    Just something to think about.
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    I haven't read anyone elses replys yet, but from what I've heard you have to drive all over the state. MSU students had to come up here to WVU for computer training. It was a few day training and they had to pay for their own hotel rooms and everything. I've heard clinicals at MSU go all around the state. If I were you, I would definitely check into that.

    What year are you? I'm technically a junior this year here at WVU, but i didn't get into the nursing program until this year so I'm in my sophomore year. Keep in mind that here at WVU they have a summer fast track program. If you don't get into nursing school this year, reapply next year and get all of your generals out of the way. Also go ahead and take microbiology, physiology, and anatomy (I recommend NBAN 205 and 206 online since it is extremely hard-half the class failed). Then, if you get into nursing school for the 2010-2011 years (which will end up being your sophomore year in nursing school) you can apply to get into the fast track program. You pretty much take all your junior year courses during the summer, and when you return in the fall you are a senior. I heard it wasn't too bad. Just some food for thought for you!

    Good luck! Let us know if you get an interview!!
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    Just graduated from one of MSU's cohort programs's last fall. All of our instructors were incredibly accomodating and all of our clinicals were in Beckley. Also, all of our cohort passed the NCLEX on the 1st try except for one, and another who has not yet taken it for whatever reason. When it came time for us to graduate and do our practicum hours, we were allowed to complete our hours at a hospital closer to our homes. Yes, it is expensive; but it was my only option. And I have no regrets.

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