Huntington Area Tuition Reimbursement

  1. 0 Do you guys know if Cabell or St. Marys offer tuition reimbursement? I tried looking on the websites but to no avail. How much is offered and when are you eligible? I'm asking because I know CAMC doesn't offer it!
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    st francis in chas. does give you some money to sign on. i think it is $1500 or $2000, half at 6 months and the rest at 12 months. Not exactly tuition re-imbursement, some a little something.
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    Call their HR department(s) for information would be the best way to find out.
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    Cabell Huntington pays $1500 per year for full time employees, $750 per year for part time. Their other benefits are great as well.
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    Quote from bluelorelai
    Cabell Huntington pays $1500 per year for full time employees, $750 per year for part time. Their other benefits are great as well.
    Is that for any employee, or do you have to be in a specific job at the hospital to qualify, such as LPN or CNA? In other words if I go get a job in admissions will they pay part of my tuition for the ASN program at Marshall?

    ETA I think I meant registration. You know, taking information down etc or as a receptionist in one of the offices or areas of the hospital.
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    My previous answer refers to tuition reimbursement for nurses--sorry. I am not sure about other positions within the hospital, but I will find out when I go to work tonight and repost the answer when I get one! :typing
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    Ok, the official word on Tuition Reimbursement at CHH is:

    YES! for full time employees (any department) there is reimbursement of up to $1500 per year, and for part time, up to $750 per year.

    Good luck!
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    Any details on if St Marys might have some sort of nursing reimbursement as well?
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    When I interviewed at St. Mary's I was told they did offer tuition reimbursement.

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