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Finally, I'm a Fairmont state RN student!

  1. 0 It has finally happened, I am officially a nursing student at Fairmont State! I'm doing the LPN to RN fast track w/ fairmont state. The courses are online twice weelky for now, with clinicals on site. My classes are all going to be online, but have to do the clinicals on site. It's finally happened and I am so excited, I went wednesday morning and ordered my uniforms! I am so excited b/c the program is only a year, we will graduate in May 2010! I have always wanted to get into fairmont and my dream has come true! Fairmont turns out good nurses and we get a Kaplan review before we graduate! This is soooo exciting and I get to stay at my job, which I love! Woohooo!!!!
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    CONGRATS TO YOU!!!! The time will FLY by!! Keep us posted on how you are doing. I'll wave at you as I go by on I-79 next week. LOL
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    congrats and good luck.
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    Congrats! Glad to hear your employer is letting you stay! Is that just through school or you get to keep the position after you graduate too?
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    I am currently in FSU's nursing program, I just finished my first year!!! I will also graduate in 2010, so you will also be in my graduating class! Our whole class is very close and the instructors are WONDERFUL! Congrats!!
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    Hi! I start the program at Fairmont State next week...and I'm so very very nervous and exited...any advice for my first few days...I'm 32 and I have that little twist as well...hope you can help!
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    I :heartbeat the nursing program at fairmont state.....My advice to you is STUDY, STUDY, STUDY.... then STUDY some more.... all the professors are awesome... so if you need something... or have a quiestion just ask!! I'm on facebook ( Allyson Bassell ) you can add me if you have anymore questions! Congrats!!!!
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    Thank you very much!...I'll keep that in mind. (I did try to find you on Facebook though and couldn't....don't know what happened).
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    nope sorry...just takes me to my own Facebook page...your name doesn't show when I search
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