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Hello Washington Nurses- I am a new grad RN, with a California license, who is looking to relocate anywhere in Washington State (because its not Texas, which is another option). Seattle is one... Read More

  1. by   Miss Chybil RN
    Quote from pererau
    Try the Franciscan Health System (Tacoma area), the Providence Health System (Everett and Olympia) or the Legacy Health System (Vancouver and Portland area). All three have residency programs.
    Can you point me to the info on the Providence Health residency program? I'm not finding it. Also, I know this is an older thread, but I've written to the recruiter for the Franciscan Health System about their residency programs. I don't see any listed in the job openings. Are they still doing the residencies? Or, am I too late?

    I'm on to the Legacy Health System. Maybe, I'll have some luck there.

    Thanks for your help!
  2. by   pererau
    I'm not living in Washington anymore, so I can't guarantee that anything I say applies anymore, but I didn't know anything about the residency program at Franciscan when I was applying for jobs. I just applied and when they interviewed me, they put me in a residency. For Legacy, I filled out a huge packet of information and got it back to them... turns out I was 2 days past the deadline and would have to wait 3 months. For Providence, I worked there as a CNA and I know at the time they didn't hire new grads into the ER, but they did have residency programs for other floors. I have heard that since then, they have had a few new grad residents in the ER, but I don't know any details on it.

    I loved the residency at Franciscan, as the didactic was detailed and specifically tailored to the ER. I learned more in those 3 months than in the whole of nursing school. That was a couple years ago, though, and I don't know what it is like now. I still have lots of friends over there, so if you want to email me at pererau at gmail then I'll try to connect you to someone who at least can give you some details.
  3. by   Miss Chybil RN
    Thanks, pererau! I sent you an email...
  4. by   joanna73
    I agree completely with "new grads should be prepared to live in the middle of nowhere". As much as it might suck, and you have to make sacrifices, if you want nursing, and you can be reasonably patient (like maybe 3-6 months), there is a job somewhere. As an RN, you have a skill set that people need, and one that someone will be willing to develop.

    If the pay is lower than you might want, and/or the location is not ideal....well....as long as the organization is reputable...who cares??? Personally, I'm willing to take ANY RN job in the beginning, because I know it pays off. I didn't go to Nursing School for nothing. Even try the agencies. Many hire new grads, and the nursing process is the same, wherever you end up. Taking a BP or giving an IM doesn't change either.
  5. by   anticoagulationurse
    This is a great, free general job resource: Go2WorkSource.com - Search Jobs, Post Rs, Career Resources
    You will find all kinds of local info, job listings, resume help, wage indexes, etc. Most jobs have free online applications.

    I would recommend looking in SNF or LTC because those places are always looking for help and (no offense because this is where I started out of school) they are desperate, including new grads! They are also great places to get experience fast especially on a Medicare wing! I learned a lot, in a short time right out of school hit the floor running. I would stick to more rurual or at least Suburban areas for more job opportunities. If you are not set on the Seattle metro area, you might research some outlying areas like Kent, Redmond, Federal Way, Tacoma, Everett etc. Seattle and the greater Seattle area is in King County. You can research these areas here: Stats about all US cities - real estate, relocation info, house prices, home value estimator, recent sales, cost of living, crime, race, income, photos, education, maps, weather, houses, schools, neighborhoods, and more

    Best wishes!
  6. by   joanna73
    Thank you for the info. I could care less where I live or work, or what kind of nursing it is. I just want to learn and start somewhere. After a year or 2, there will be more options. It's just this initial hump. I'll relocate for the job even.