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I am planning on applying this year for Fall 2011 BSN at UW, although I doubt I'll be competitive due to my lack of healthcare experience. I'll have a bit over 100 hours by the time the application is due, but in more than one... Read More

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    I am considering to apply to UW for the BSN program. What is usually the acceptance rates for GPA? What is the percentage of applicants that are usually accepted. Would be very much appreciated! What were your stats?

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    Hi everybody,
    First off, CONGRATS to everyone who got in and don't worry, for all those who didn't. Don't give up and try again next year. I'm new to this blog and received my acceptance letter on 3/31 and look forward to meeting you all in the fall. :-)

    Let's talk about money....

    Anyone know where to hunt for funds? My work offers some assistance but I would like to see what else is out there. If I find any good scholarships or grants I'll be sure to post there on here.

    Good job to all!
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    Does anyone know what they are looking for specifically through this proctored essay? Do they want to see our judgment when picking a patient or is it like you want to take on a challenge or your maturity level?

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