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I am planning on applying this year for Fall 2011 BSN at UW, although I doubt I'll be competitive due to my lack of healthcare experience. I'll have a bit over 100 hours by the time the application... Read More

  1. by   bsn2013
    Have fun at orientation, all you summer-starters! I'd love to hear how it went!
  2. by   SeaNurse03
    As a graduate of the BSN program at UWSON, I can tell you that the vast majority of my class felt very dissapointed by the education they received at the school. Apart from their learning experiences, students felt, almost without exception, that their teachers were not at all interested in being teachers, and viewed their classes and their students as chores. In addition, many studnets felt mislead by the SON's marketing materials which tout a globally-focused and even "holistic" nursing program for globally-minded individuals. These claims are revealed to be jokes within the first couple weeks of instruction. The various complaints regarding teachers who havn't actually nursed for decades are deffinitely true. Many teachers receive the exact same complaints from class after class, but because they bring the school money in the form of research grants (for globally-important subject matter such as IBS and restless leg syndrome...) and must teach in order to maintain a tenured position, are pawned off on unsuspecting undergraduate nursing students. Some teachers, a prof. Cunningham in particular, cross the neglectful teacher line over to the side of mean/passive agressive teacher. A previous commenter stated that they were treated as an intellectually mature individual, which made me giggle. I heard time and time again by lazy teachers who couldn't justify their lack of interest or skill in their job that they are simply treating their students as "capable adults", deflecting their deficiencies onto their students. UWSON was the worst two years of my life. Having been a nurse for a year, I feel like the school ruined me for the profession before I even got started. I came to the UWSON an idealistic student with designs of working in the field of global health, and left a rather cynical individual with a very bad taste left in his mouth for his new profession: nursing.
  3. by   CulleK
    Hi fellow future nursing students!

    I am SO excited to start the BSN program at UW this fall! Did anyone else apply for the UWMC/Harborview nursing loan program? If yes, do you have any information on when we get informed of our status? I read July 1st, but have yet to hear anything. Any info you have would be much appreciated!
  4. by   bsn2013
    I too am still waiting to hear about the loan program! Thank goodness my classes are keeping me busy. I'll post as soon as I hear anything...either way.

    P.S. My roommate started summer classes and feels that she WILL get a solid nursing education from UW and her instructor is a practicing nurse who is very approachable and knowledgable. I'm sorry to hear that other people did not have good experiences at the school, but I'm determined to start the program with a positive attitude.

  5. by   SwabbieNurse
    @SeaNurse03, I'm curious why you've felt the need to post this exact same comment on several forums. I'm a month into the BSN program at the UW, and feel that at the very least I will get a solid (and maybe even fun!) education. I definitely like the "University" feel of the program...I've been a college student for a long time, and so far my BSN classes have been interesting and challenging, and my classmates very diverse. Perhaps things have changed for the better since you graduated, and in either case, your message loses legitimacy when it's repeated verbatim all over AN.
  6. by   bsn2013
    Has anyone heard from UWMC? I'm assuming I didn't get selected at this point but it would be nice to know for sure.
  7. by   CulleK
    Hi Kristina,

    I haven't heard anything either. I spoke to Sandra, a nurse recruiter at UWMC, who said that we would receive a call for an interview or a letter/e-mail of denial. I am really anxious to hear back as well. I was looking at posts from last year about this loan program and people still had not heard by July 22nd. I was going to wait about a week and then send out an e-mail to our classes mailing list if I haven't heard by then. Sandra did say they notify applicant either way, so they might just be taking a long time to make a decision. I will post on here as soon as I hear something!

    ~ Kristin
  8. by   bsn2013
    Thanks Kristin, I will do the same!

    I realized last night that we have been "waiting" in some form or another since the January application deadline. It is no wonder I'm so anxious about everything!
  9. by   bsn2013
    Ok guys, summer is almost over already! Are you guys still interested in meeting up before school starts? I'll be in Seattle a lot more now that my classes are over.
  10. by   jmmarie
    I am considering to apply to UW for the BSN program. What is usually the acceptance rates for GPA? What is the percentage of applicants that are usually accepted. Would be very much appreciated! What were your stats?
  11. by   jhsUW
    Hi everybody,
    First off, CONGRATS to everyone who got in and don't worry, for all those who didn't. Don't give up and try again next year. I'm new to this blog and received my acceptance letter on 3/31 and look forward to meeting you all in the fall. :-)

    Let's talk about money....

    Anyone know where to hunt for funds? My work offers some assistance but I would like to see what else is out there. If I find any good scholarships or grants I'll be sure to post there on here.

    Good job to all!
  12. by   tracyduong
    Does anyone know what they are looking for specifically through this proctored essay? Do they want to see our judgment when picking a patient or is it like you want to take on a challenge or your maturity level?