University of Washington SoN Fall 2013 - page 16

Anyone applying to the UW SoN for fall 2013? Anyone else FREAKING OUT about it like I am?... Read More

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    They explain everything very clearly when you get there. I am pretty sure if you make a mistake you put ONE line through the mistake and keep going.

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    I just wanted to say good luck to everyone today! I am nervous and oh so excited! :]
    My acupuncturist made a recommendation to me at my appointment recently for the exam. Put some lavendar oil on your wrist and smell it before and during the exam--it is a natural relaxation technique and will calm your mind during making you more comfortable and able to focus.
    Remember to breath.
    To everyone who didn't make it, I don't know what they base they decisions on, but it doesn't mean you're not qualified. Keep your head up and I will hold a space that another school will say yes!!!

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    Done!!!! How did it go for everyone?
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    Ugh I felt like I kept repeating myself! And the whole drive home I kept thinking of stuff I should of written
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    I think I did really bad with essay part but math was easy. When I was walking toward my car, I was i should have written this or that. Too late.

    Lets wait for April 15!!!
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    Feel the same way! My head still hurts from all the stress lol. Just hate that I didn't write some of the stuff that I thought of driving home...

    Nothing I can do now but just try harder for next year if I don't make it. It's my only option for my commissioning program for the Air Force :/

    I wonder if you didn't finish all the questions for math if they disqualify you? There was a girl next to me who didn't, I felt so bad for her :/
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    I did an out of state proctored this morning. Did they disclose a number on how many essays were being done in the auditorium and a number for out of area?
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    250 were in auditorium and 30 were out of area. they received around 480 application.
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    I also did an out of area proctor and have to say I think it helped that way. I was calm and felt that the math was simple enough and the scenerios weren't that bad either. I only wish they gave us more pages to write on. I felt like I had so much more to say. I also have the question on how many people were there and if they said how many out of area proctors were being taken.
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    96 admitted this year as well??

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