University of Washington SoN Fall 2013 - page 8

Anyone applying to the UW SoN for fall 2013? Anyone else FREAKING OUT about it like I am?... Read More

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    I think I'm more nervous about the clock hitting 5:01 PM and not receiving an email invitation lol
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    I'm like just nervous all around.
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    I'm trying not to think about it...But tomorrow and today are going to be pretty obnoxious. I applied to WSU and SU as well.
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    Thankfully my days are pretty crazy with school and kids so I haven't been dwelling on what Friday @ 5 will bring, otherwise I'd probably need a tranquilizer by now!
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    I'm freaking nervous now! It's hard to not think about this Friday... I have hope, then no hope, then hope again...
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    Hi everyone,
    I was wondering if anyone knows students that have gotten into the UW SoN with language barrier? I moved to US about 7 years ago and English language has been my number one problem since day one, even though i improved I am still very concerned about this being a disadvantage.

    Any advice? can anyone relate to me, or most people that apply have English as their first language?

    a little scared to write the proctored essay if i get the invite
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    @AnnA19AV don't worry you are not alone. English is my second language too and it always been problem for me. I m so nervous i dn't even want to think about proctored essay.

    Can't wait until tomorrow to see if I get invited or not!!
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    It's getting close and I'm like MADE YOU LOOK!!
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    Past 5 and no email. Looks like we'll be hearing tomorrow. :]
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    this week as been one of the worst i have ever had. Im 22 yrs old and have had all four of my grandparents up until tuesday where my grandfather passed away from multiple types of cancer, starting with the lung. last year my family found out his disease around this time, and I stongly wanted to quit the process of pre reqs. but my grandpa wouldn't let me. the past two days have been dread in two ways; knowing he's gone, and knowing how bad I want the opportunity to take care of people who are struggling through cancer. I have applied to other schools and know my chances are better with them, but to get a chance to write an essay for UW would be such a blessing
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