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Anyone applying to the UW SoN for fall 2013? Anyone else FREAKING OUT about it like I am?... Read More

  1. by   tmofarrel
    I did an out of state proctored this morning. Did they disclose a number on how many essays were being done in the auditorium and a number for out of area?
  2. by   Brightbulb
    250 were in auditorium and 30 were out of area. they received around 480 application.
  3. by   ccline24
    I also did an out of area proctor and have to say I think it helped that way. I was calm and felt that the math was simple enough and the scenerios weren't that bad either. I only wish they gave us more pages to write on. I felt like I had so much more to say. I also have the question on how many people were there and if they said how many out of area proctors were being taken.
  4. by   tmofarrel
    96 admitted this year as well??
  5. by   Brightbulb
    Yes. I never been surrounded by so much
  6. by   Just_keep_swimming
    But only 280 applications are being considered now, correct?
  7. by   Just_keep_swimming
    Quote from Brightbulb
    Yes. I never been surrounded by so much
    Lol, it was intimidating! When we test for rank, you're in a room of 30-35, that was very intense!
  8. by   tmofarrel
    Does anyone know if they automatically let anyone in without doing proctored essay?
  9. by   Just_keep_swimming
    The info session said sometimes 5-20, but she stated they had 96 slots available, so maybe no one did this time?
  10. by   SaraFutureNurse?
    All I can say is YIKES. I guess the good news is it is now out of our hands. The bad news is we have to wait for six to eight weeks!
    I was getting pretty annoyed with someone in front of me in line to submit our work - she used the time standing in line to add to her work! What the heck! I looked right at her and said, "That is not very honest!" I hope people like that get disqualified. Is that rude?
    So 250 on site proctored essays, 30 off site, and 96 spots......did she say they had 462 applicants this year?
    YEESH. I guess I'll sleep very well tonight, now that the fear is gone!
    Hope you all get accepted! That was intense!
  11. by   suzw
    Yeah, I think I heard on this forum that they hardly ever admit anyone automatically anymore.
  12. by   Just_keep_swimming
    That's crap! I would of called her out! That's one less person to compete with, ever hear of integrity?!
  13. by   suzw
    Wow, I was wondering myself if anyone had done that. Would have been nice to have more time to work on it, but as it was, I had finished up (and was a line or two away from the end of the page) about 5 seconds before she said pens down. I'm disappointed they didn't monitor the lone better. Would have been very easy for someone to whip out their cell phone and use the calculator function to do the math problems (though if they couldn't do it w/o a calculator, they are in trouble anyway...)