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I'm surprised that this year I haven't seen any threads about people applying to UW's program. What's going on? Where are all the 2012 hopefuls? Reveal yourselves ;) Good luck to everyone!... Read More

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    Also, what exactly are the math calculations? does it have to do with nursing (dosage... ml conversion etc) OR is it just to see if you have basic math skills? Let me know! Thanks
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    The math questions are simple arithmetic and there are about 3. For the 2012 ABSN proctored essay, all of them were dosage questions.

    Example 1: pt. A needs to receive 25ml of X every 20 minutes, in a 48 hour period how much X will she receive? Or how many doses will be administered?

    Example 2: You need to administer 0.2ml of drug X per 1 kg of pt. wt. Your pt. wt. 90lb (2.2kg per 1 lb). How many ml of the drug do you need to administer?

    If you need to do a conversion (like above) they gave you the conversion.
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    Got my email, see you all at the proctored essay. So nervous especially about the math questions!
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    Thank you very much for this info! Very much appreciated! There's no way to study for something like this, but at least I know what to sorta mentally prepare for! Is the BSN program better than the ABSN? I'm rooting for everyone! I hope everyone on these post gets accepted! Good Luck guys!!!
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    Hey there fellow hopefuls...

    I got my invite as well and will see you tonight. I spoke with a friend who did the essay last year and the math calculations were simple. Just keep the focus on a structured essay and make it clear and concise with drifting off subject. Put emotion into your essay is what a UWSON grad that has assisted me through this process told me Monday night. Don't get wrapped up in what you would do for them "clinically", we aren't there yet, no matter what our background is as of right now. Some of us have much more experience than others when it comes to patient care, but when it comes down to it, that is left at the door. We will walk into the Hogness Auditorium tonight with one focus and goal, to write the best damn essay in the shortest amount of time possible. Who goes on from there, well I guess we shall find out around April 15th or so.

    I wish all of you the best and I will see some of you tonight, obviously not knowing any of you, but my eyes will be peeled through the crowd... hahaha

    Good Luck everyone...

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    Quote from kasko
    I didn't think to include my clinical hours :/ Did you include this in your essay or on the resume? My resume had the Job Shadows listed and my NAC work at the nursing home but for the essay I just wrote about my NAC experience. I worked with a nurse also and she was the one who did my Recommendation Letter.
    In the BSN applicant instructions this was listed under the Resume category... I made sure to read, re-read and triple read the instructions so I wouldn't screw it up.

    "Give each category below a header. Include the name, location, dates, and total hours of each experience"

    At least you got past the first part...phew...
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    So how did everyone feel after that.... Not too bad huh?? The conversions were simple enough....

    What scenario did you pick, and why?

    I picked C because I have plenty of experience with A & B. I approached it from the standpoint that I wanted to face a new challenge that this patient offered.

    What about those odds, not too mad 96 out of 305... If everyone was there that is...

    What about those odds, 96 out of 305, not too bad... If everyone that they stated was there or turned in from out of state...

    Good Luck everyone
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    I chose scenario A. I did not have a whole lot of experience with either of the scenarios, so I picked the one I had the most experiences with so that I can be able to help that patient. I want to go into mental health and I am really passionate about helping patients with dementia etc., so thought it was a great choice to gain some more experience. I am a bit confused as to how they are going to judge those essays or what they wanted to see... One thing for sure is that following direction was one of the only thing I saw that was obvious! Sigh, good luck everyone! I am sure they know what they are doing and confident that they will make the right decisions.Would be great to hear some more feedback, I don't know what to think!
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    I chose scenario A as well. I work with the elderly and those who suffer from dementia, so I wanted to use my experience to help with what I know and then continue to gain knowledge in the hard areas that I don't deal with very often. I felt really rushed near the end so my final part of the essay was sub par. I wonder as well how much they take this essay into consideration. I know I could have done better on it if I had more time. The math was easy, but I think I took too long double checking my simple math! I hope this is only a piece of the application process! Now that I'm reflecting back on it, I'm disappointed with how my final essay turned out. I guess I have the fact that I followed directions going for me! I'm glad it's over, but the next two months are going to go by so slow! Here's to waiting everyone!
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    I picked patient A too. I did terrible! I felt like I was rushed and like amynurse68 I spent too much time rechecking my math portion. I regret doing a rough draft because it took too much time. My essay ended up being under 2 pages and I felt like I repeated myself over and over.

    Sigh. The thing that still gives me hope is that there's a new committee and they will review ALL FIVE parts of the application. The essay is just 1/5. But honestly I think I blew it....

    Good luck on the wait everyone, I'm sure it'll go by fast.

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