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  1. Hi everyone!

    I need some advice... so happy I found this particular form. I live in Wenatchee, WA. This is embarassing, but... I have applied to WVC nursing program twice now and have not gotten in. I have a pretty decent GPA... my lowest grade being a C+ in A&P 2. I have a B- in A&P 1 (really struggled with those classes.. WOW.. never gotten grades that low in my life) a B+ in Microbiology (only because I took it with A&P 1) and a solid A in English 101. Those are the only classes that WVC really weighs your admission points on....

    I understand the program is really competitive. I retook A&P 1&2 and of course, gave it my all once again and got the same grade. I am an excellent student.... like I said, that was my first C.. EVER! My transcripts show this.

    I was just wondering if anyone else in the state had a hard time getting into their program and if you had any other luck with other colleges. I'm also looking at CBC in Kennewick/Pasco as well as Renton Technical College (also considering their surgical tech program, but I rather do RN school before that). Been really struggling with my rejection lately...... is there hope?? Would like to hear some stories from other fellow Washingtonians. Not looking for the easy way out here... just some hope!
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    PS: Received A's in Psych100 and Psych200 as well as Medical Terminology! However, those aren't weighed as heavily (unfortunately)
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    I'm in North Seattle Community College nursing program. In my nursing cohort, the average accepted GPA was 3.94, with an average of 94% on the HESI exam. It's pretty hard to get into any of the nursing schools in the Puget Sound area. Most won't accept below a 2.8 in any class, but a 2.8 isn't really competitive. I think that either South Seattle CC or Seattle Central CC are lottery, or maybe first come, first serve (as long as you meet the minimum requirements). You might try checking them out. I'm pretty sure your grades would need to be raised to get into NSCC, Shoreline CC, Bellevue College, or Lake Washington Technical College. Good luck!
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    Hi amraebrown don't loose hope. I applied at renton tech for spring 2012..still waiting to hear back. Hopefully you know this already..Renton tech now require 6 month CNA experience for fall entry.

    If you already have CNA experience try UW, Seattle University for next application cycle. UW accounts for your grades, experience, recommendation letter from RN, and personal statement. I know people who got in with low GPA due to good recommendation letter and strong personal statement.

    Look into Yakima valley CC..their point system include GPA +CNA license + foreign language + TEAS.
    Also I went to Bellevue College info session ..rank your application according to TEAS score..and use GPA to break tie.

    Good luck
  6. by   raincitynurse
    Tacoma Community College runs a lottery, but you might need to repeat that A&P2 first, I beleive a 2.8 is the lowest they will take.
    Also investigate Clover Park Technical in Tacoma, they do a wait list, can be a year + wait.

    Peirce College looks at grades, essays and interviews, but again, I think your A&P grade is really going to hold you back.

    There are allot of programs this side of the mountains, and I hear that Olympic College in Bremerton does not get many applicants... the rest receive hundreds unfortunately.

    The biggest problem is that they all want different classes!

    If you want to get into a program, think about how you can boost that GPA, and if you want to be a nurse, skip the SurgTech.. it's not the same, it is still competitive, and you will still have to pay for nursing school when you're done.
    Good Luck!!
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    Thank you all for your help! My main frustration lies with that first A&P 2 grade.... see, I've retaken both A&P 1 and 2 over TWICE.... I did better the second time around on A&P 2 (obviously, I know why I got a low grade the first time was because I had too much on my plate). I am frustrated because I have A-L-W-A-Y-S had a high GPA... it isn't like me to get a grade like that. And when I retook A&P 1, I got the same grade AGAIN. I studied NON-STOP... I don't know what else I could have done.
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    i'm a graduate several years ago from wvc-omak. presently i'm a senior nurse manager in icu/ccu in australia. i've had a broad range of nursing experience.
    first, i wouldn't worry too much about your grades in a &p 2. wvc has had many year history of having over inflated grades in a & p and micro especially. think the nursing school is still trying to come to terms with that still. when i went i took my a & p 1 with a very difficult challenging instructor who had high expectations. i barely got a b. when i met with the then director of the nursing program initially i was advised to wait until i could retake a & p because nursing students always have a's. needless to say i didn't and was accepted into the program. graduated and went on. now finishing my masters and have done two post grad certificates here in australia.
    however here is my 2cents for what it is worth....if you can move then do so!! here is why....your clinical opportunities in the area are much too limiting! if your young and can go to a large city then do it...there is so much more out there to see, learn and do then what you can get in the area. i would say however if wvc hasn't accepted you twice now then most likely you will never get in there. its still small town, and who knows who. i wish you all the best and keep trying to get in somewhere....but think big!!

    Quote from amraebrown
    hi everyone!

    i need some advice... so happy i found this particular form. i live in wenatchee, wa. this is embarassing, but... i have applied to wvc nursing program twice now and have not gotten in. i have a pretty decent gpa... my lowest grade being a c+ in a&p 2. i have a b- in a&p 1 (really struggled with those classes.. wow.. never gotten grades that low in my life) a b+ in microbiology (only because i took it with a&p 1) and a solid a in english 101. those are the only classes that wvc really weighs your admission points on....

    i understand the program is really competitive. i retook a&p 1&2 and of course, gave it my all once again and got the same grade. i am an excellent student.... like i said, that was my first c.. ever! my transcripts show this.

    i was just wondering if anyone else in the state had a hard time getting into their program and if you had any other luck with other colleges. i'm also looking at cbc in kennewick/pasco as well as renton technical college (also considering their surgical tech program, but i rather do rn school before that). been really struggling with my rejection lately...... is there hope?? would like to hear some stories from other fellow washingtonians. not looking for the easy way out here... just some hope!
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    Just finish your AA (not an ADN), get some experience while you do it and apply straight to a BSN program....

    I only had a 2.2 in Gen Chem, 3.1 in A/P-1 and a cumulative GPA of 3.56, but I work in an clinical setting as a Medical Assistant, and the facility I work at is dedicated to the "underserved" popoulation and and focuses its practice promoting a culturally competent care environment....
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    Hello everyone I am back! Thank you for your responses.

    I've been working full-time as a CNA at a LTC/rehab facility here in town. It's backbreaking work, but it feels so rewarding. I am about to start applying to all/almost all of the schools in WA state to see what kind of results I get back. I've been reading about LPN-RN bridge programs... however, it seems that those take longer or maybe you need to take more classes than necessary for that option??? I probably just need some clarification with that topic and I have already posted another thread regarding that question.

    JLoya.. I have had my AA done for quite sometime. While I was doing my prereqs for nursing I incorporated them into the AA degree. Do you have any experience with BSN programs?? I have been looking into some of them and they all require different classes it seems like. I am planning on taking stats this summer or fall because that wasn't required here at WVC..... however, some schools require nutrition classes. At our CC, you cannot take a nutrition course unless you are enrolled in the program. All the little details are so stressful!

    Anyway, I am going through and printing out applications tonight to fill out and send out. Another thing that is crummy is having to apply to schools before applying to the program, then paying nonrefundable fees. Ugh!!

    Any additional advice would be appreciated I am really looking into Bellevue CC and Lake Washington Technical at the moment. Bellingham looks promising too...... I see a move in my near future!
  11. by   JLoya
    The only other thing you will need to apply to the UW BSN program is 2 quarters of a foreign language, O-Chem class (1 qtr class, not the series) and 1 upper level math course. I am taking business/life science pre-calc at North Seattle.

    Sounds like you have experience.

    I applied to the UW and SU. This was my first time applying. Rejected to SU, but accepted by the UW.

    Give it a shot. I don't know what WSU requires but you have some time...

    Best of luck
  12. by   amraebrown
    Whoa you got accepted to the UW? Congrats! That is awesome. UW would be my dream school! When do you start? Where did you take your pre-reqs if you don't mind me asking?

    I did take my foreign languages back in high school (graduated in 09) when I was planning to go straight to UW... but that didn't happen. O-Chem we unfortunately do not have in town - I will have about a 45 minute to an hour commute for an O-Chem class, yuck!
  13. by   TristanNicole
    Spokane Community College has an RN program that is not competitive, its first come first serve so there is a waiting list. Once you finish your prereqs you sign up for the program and wait tell your name comes up (could be 1 to 2 years). Prereqs are bio, chem, A&P 1 and 2, micro, english, into alg, general and lifespan psych and blood borne pathogens, min grade in each is a 2.5.
    Nursing - Spokane Community College

    (Someone mentioned WSU's BSN program... so) If you are thinking about a BSN program, WSU's prereqs are Bio, A&P, general chem, organic chem, biochem, micro, lifespan development, nutrition, into to sociology, intro to psych and stats. WSU is very competitive so if you were really interested you'd want to bring up the A&P but they also have an interview aspect that could help out (but your grades have to be good enough to get an interview). You also have to have general WSU requirements to graduate (which you should have most with an AA).
    College of Nursing

    North Idaho College also has an RN program that is competitive (I'm not sure how competitive it is). Pre reqs are Alg, Med terminology, A&P, and english, with 2.0 being the min for each, and min of 2.5 GPA. They also require a CNA certification. I'm also pretty positive that they have an interview process as well.
  14. by   Bandaide
    You may be able to do your nutrition course online. Check the Bellevue College catalog to see if they are offering it online this coming quarter.