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Hi, I just applied for the Swedish Jan 2014 residency. Wondering if folks here also applied and whether you have heard back, or if you know the timeline for that. I tried emailing the Swedish... Read More

  1. by   NewNurse17
    Welcome to the Post! And congrats on PCU CardinalRN13, and on the CTICU LiftFitnHealthyRN that is awesome
  2. by   Ecstatic2014
    Hey guys, I am new to this All nursing forum, and I am very interested in doing one of the RN residency programs in the Seattle area. I am actually graduating next spring, so I am wondering if Swedish has two application cycles per year? How many spots are available for each department? It's hard to get a hold of the residency program department.
  3. by   Whaleluver33
    Swedish I believe has three cycles per year. And hire about 40-60 people per rotation. For the license about your other post, I took the nclex and was licensed in SD which is a compact state and was able to get an rn license by endorsement from wa state pretty easily.
  4. by   MiniBSNRN
    Hi all, I was accepted a little late into the residency program so I haven't gotten any paperwork yet. For those of you who are in the January 2014 cohort, can you tell me what sort of paperwork you had to fill out, and what sort of information you had to have handy? I'm just eager to get it all done and get going!
  5. by   CardinalRN13
    Hi LiftFitNHealthyRN! I wish to ask for your advice. Just got an offer from UW to work in Oncology so now I'm considering rescinding my offer with Swedish. Did you write an official letter rescinding the offer? When is your new employee orientation for UW because I understand they have one on Jan 6th and 27th? I'm grateful to have two great organizations to choose from but now I have a lot to think about. How did you come to your decision?
  6. by   LiftFitnHealthyRN
    Hello and congrats CardinalRN13!! I did not write an official letter to rescind my offer. I called the nursing recruiter Paula and let her know that I decided to go with UWMC. Just be honest about why you decide to go with another offer. My orientation is on Feb. 10th since that is when the critical care consortium starts. I actually have a classmate who is starting on the oncology floor on the 6th at UW also! It honestly was a really hard decision for me as both organizations are awesome. I was offered a position at the ICU/IMCU at Swedish, but was told I am not guaranteed a spot after the residency, so I was kind of iffy about that. I personally want to specialize in cardiac nursing and was offered a position at UW's CTICU and decided to go with that instead. UW being a large teaching and Magnet Status hospital were also reasons why I picked UW over Swedish. Hope this helps Let me know what you decide!
  7. by   CardinalRN13
    Well, LiftFitnHealthyRN. I'll see you on Feb. 10th. I decided to join UWMC. Boy was it hard to turn down my offer with Swedish but I really wanted to work in Oncology and Swedish could only offer me a spot in the PCU. I will be working in BMT/Acute Leukemia. Did your friend who started on the 6th work there or on another oncology unit? I look forward to possibly saying hello to you at the orientation. Thanks for the advice!
  8. by   sh3lbyBSN
    Hi everyone! I am also a RN resident for January 2014; I was scrolling through here trying to figure out if anyone knew what scrub color we needed? It sounds like there isn't much regulation on this? Congrats to everyone else! NewNurse17 I am also on the CVICU- I look forward to meeting you Monday!
  9. by   MiniBSNRN
    I think it just depends on the unit. Where I interviewed, when I was taken around to see the unit, I saw a whole rainbow of scrubs. I'm sure we'll find out during orientation. Doesn't seem like we'll need scrubs for the first week anyway.
  10. by   Ecstatic2014
    Which cohort would I apply if I will be graduating in May of this year? Is there a July or Aust application cycle? There is no specific phone number to call for the Swedish RN residency program, so I have sent them an email, only to get a generic response about application deadlines.
  11. by   sweetjane
    For folks who have started the residency - how are you liking it? Any info would be greatly appreciated! Are you promised work on at least a floor at Swedish once you complete your residency? What are the hours like? Are you paid for your time in simulation lab or just when you're working on the floor and precepting experienced RNs? Are there health insurance/benefits similar to what a nurse might have working in a non-residency capacity? Thank you in advance!
  12. by   Whaleluver33
    At the end of the residency, if there isn't a job opening in some capacity on your unit (which there usually is) then you will have a pt or ft job somewhere in the Swedish system. During the residency you work 36-40 hours a week whether that is on the floor, in simulation, or a residency class (they are all paid). As a resident, you are a Swedish employee and can choose which benefits plan works best for your situation (single, married, children, etc.). Residency means you ARE an employee, you ARE a Swedish RN. Residency is the term they use to refer to your transition from a new grad to a professional rn. Hope that helps and good luck!
  13. by   Whaleluver33
    You could apply to the may or September cohort. But for may, you would need to take and pass your boards ASAP after graduation. Keep in mind it starts the first half of the month, so if you graduate at the end of may, then the may cohort wouldn't be a viable option.