Spokane Community College Waitlist???

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    I am from a small farming town outside of Spokane Washington but I live in Colorado now and I was talking to a friend of mine that is also from Spokane(lives in Denver) and she mentioned that SCC didn't have a waitlist

    Is that true??? I was sort of shocked even more so because the wait list are so bad here in Colorado. When I left there(it was over 5 yrs ago) I thought they had one but didn't know if it had changed. It just made me curious I plan on someday hopefully going back to Washington to work so I like to know what is going on back home


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    I took a chem class at SCC this summer (grew up in spokane but go to UW so I was home for the summer). The people in the my class were all pre-nursing for the SCC program, and one guy was telling me it's a 2+ year waitlist... that's all I know though!
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    I have just recently been added to the waitlist at SCC. From the information I have received, the waitlist is about a year +.
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    I'm finishing my last prereqs this quarter and will be getting on the waitlist. Can you tell me what day you were able to go in to do the paperwork to get on the list? We're planning a summer vacation and I don't want to be away on the day they do it.
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    I can tell you what my experience was. I finished my pre-req's at SCC in June 2008 and applied to the program immediately. I entered the program in March 2009. So, I only sat out for 3 quarters if you include summer. I continued to take classes in the Fall and Winter quarters, just to keep in the swing of things. So yes, there is a wait list, but its not years long.

    For Dallet6, email Georgeanna and ask her what day you can apply for the program. It's usually the same day that grades are posted. I went on vacation before grades came in but prearranged my application with her. It's better to go do the application in person so you'll need to make an appointment right away with her. She was super nice about it with me and allowed me to complete the application ahead of time because I was out of town, and then she submitted the papers on the first day of application.

    I also heard when I started taking the pre-req's that the wait list was 1-2 years and more. I think that rumor is to help run off other students. If a fellow student tells you the wait list is 2 years and you don't have that staying power, you aren't gonna apply, which increases the chances for the fellow student, if you know what I mean.

    I've also heard that there isn't a wait list in Walla Walla. I don't know if that's true, but I talked to a few students in the pre-reqs who planned to go there instead so they didn't have to wait to get in, I just don't know where they actually ended up going but they aren't at SCC now.
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    Anyone know if there is a current waitlist at SCC as of 2010? I already have four-year degree so I have most of my prerequisites but I do have to finish some up before I start nursing school. Thanks!!
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    best would be to just call Amy or Georganne and ask them. They know how long the wait lists are. I believe, though, that the class sizes just dropped. It was 70 when I started and the new class is only 50. Just do it! Time doesn't stand still for anyone
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    Thanks so much!!!
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    I am starting the nursing program at SCC next quarter. momtb4, are you saying that there are only 50 in my class or are there only 50 left in your class.

    Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum
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    I am new to Spokane, just moved here Dallas a couple months ago. I have already applied with SCC and have an appointment with Georgeanna on Monday. I have my BS in Biology and have taken all the pre-req's; however I just decided to go for nursing and it has been a few years since I have taken some of the classes like Human A&P etc... any information you think I should know would be great

    I was told by Amy that there is a year and a half waitlist, but that I would go before the students finishing their classes this semester as long as all of my information was in by March 29th. I want to keep all my options open and apply to other schools as well because some of them do not have waitlists, but they do require you to be a certified nursing assistant.

    Does anyone know where the offer CNA classes in Spokane? How much these cost etc... Should I be studying for the TEAS test?

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