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Hi all, I didn't see any threads for Seattle University, so I thought I would start one. What classes are you taking, current GPA, extracurriculars, etc? Any thoughts on the application process? I guess I will start by saying... Read More

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    I got accepted into UW's BSN program so that will open up a spot for those that are wait listed.

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    Has anyone heard back from SU for the waitlist status?
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    I was waitlisted and on monday received a letter saying they had received my deposit to secure my spot. I called them to verify because I was never told I was off the waitlist, nor had I sent them a deposit. They told me it was a mistake and I was still on the waitlist. I was told that the students that were offered a spot have until May 1st to submit their acceptance and after that they will review the waitlist and offer spots. So I assume we will hear sometime the end of May/beginning of June.
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    I sent an email to ask how far down I was on the waitlist, but no reply. I am wondering it would be nicer if I know my number on the list.
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    Declined acceptance to SU 2012 BSN program.
    Will attend SU 2012 APNI (MSN: Adult/Gero) beginning in June.

    Reminder Emails being sent to everyone who was accepted who has not responded.

    Expect that movement from the waitlist will occur in May. Best of luck to everyone!
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    cura -Congratulations, I am very happy for you.
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    I just spoke with admissions. We are supposed to find out this week if we got off the waitlist.
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    Do you know If they will call or sending an email for that?
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    I didn't ask, but I assumed email.
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    Any word from them?
    I just called again and I was told they have started to call the ones that were accepted.

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