Seattle University BSN applicants 2012 - page 19

Hi all, I didn't see any threads for Seattle University, so I thought I would start one. What classes are you taking, current GPA, extracurriculars, etc? Any thoughts on the application process? I... Read More

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    Still no letter today. Anyone else still waiting?

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    Tinman: Did you receive your letter in the mail finally? Will you be going with SU, SPU, or waiting on another school?? If you decide on another school, you should decline SPU so I can have a fighting chance!
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    Redbee- I have an interview with wsu on the 7th so I made it past the first round there, if I am accepted then I will definitely be attending wsu. I am going to keep my waitlisted spot until the end of April when we find out about wsu, if I get in I will let them know promptly to take me off the list. It's a hard reality to not get a spot right away and to still not know if we will be starting nursing programs in the fall... Makes everything extra nerve racking! Congrats on getting on the waitlist as well, I wish we knew more details about it (how many exactly are on waitlist) and if they are ranked it would be nice to know how far down the list we are. good luck with everything!
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    Melissa1446 I am also still waiting for a letter! The wait is killing me! I wonder if it has to do with location? I live in Bothell. Regardless I would like to know my fate.
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    Curlymitch, anything yet?! I can't believe I'm still waiting.
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    Finally got my letter today. Unfortunately I didn't get admitted so I will be attending University of Texas-Tyler's program and I'll be in the same state as my boyfriend whose in the military again. Congrats to all who were accepted
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    Hey everyone, I was reading that the acceptance letters came in large envelopes? Mine was a small envelop with only one piece of paper telling me congratulations for being accepted to SU to pursue a BSN degree. Should I call them and make sure?
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    I received my acceptance to UW's BSN program today, so not going to SU! That opens up a spot for someone else
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    lovedogs31:.....sorry, i just saw your post from last week. i did decline my spot at su and accepted the spot at spu, so that's one more su spot open. i hope you all get in! it is astonishing to see the caliber of individuals on the wait list this year.
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    Tinman- that's great! What aspect(s) of SPU did you like over SU?

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