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Hi all, I didn't see any threads for Seattle University, so I thought I would start one. What classes are you taking, current GPA, extracurriculars, etc? Any thoughts on the application process? I... Read More

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    Still nothing yet 😞
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    Quote from jbotello
    Any word? I tried calling again to make sure they did inform students last week but was sent to voicemail.
    Jbotello- any new news?
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    Nothing. I still keep checking the mail everyday.
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    Did they inform you that they were done calling the waitlisted students for offering the acceptance?
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    He wouldn't really answer that. He said it was a month long process and that everyone would get a letter regardless.
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    Have you tried calling recently?
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    No. I haven't called them yet. How's about you? I sent them an email before to ask whether or not they were done calling students for offering the spot, they wouldn't answer my question instead they just said if we are offered a spot, we should receive a call and and an email for that. Otherwise, we would receive a denied letter. I want to ask them many questions but they seem not straightly answer them.
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    I've given up. I have started working on other schools' nursing applications.
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    What's schools are you applying to? I heard my friend who is currently a nursing student at SU told me that we were not likely to get off the waitlist once May was over because they basically called and admitted enough amount of waitlisted students for nursing school. Sometimes we would be called and offered a spot in July, but it rarely occurs unless someone decline the offer. I think all waitlisted students wouldn't declined the offer once they sent the waitlisted card and have been waiting for months. I am kinda given up too, I am working on some other classes. 😞