Please help I really need advice don't judge please

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    Okay so before I begin... A little about me. I am 20 years old, I am married with a 2 year old, have one more quarter of pre reqs left and one quarter of CNA. So hopefully trying to get in fall 2010.
    The question is: what school should I focus on getting into? I plan to apply to almost all in my area (seattle) but they all have different requirements so I plan to work my butt of to aim to get into a certain program which is UW. But then I worry that the UW program might be too intense for me because of the fact that I have a small child.I work weekends and finacially okay to quit and go to school. I do plan to continue education if I go to say, BCC,HCC,LWTC, etc so should I just do it now and go to UW. I have worked toward being an RN for two 1/2 years now and I feel ready I just want to hear from working grads or recent grads how critical a BSN really is when it comes to being hired at a hospital.

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    ... I would recommend looking at the time/cost requirements for attending a CC to get your ADN.. then to work at a hospital that offers on site BSN classes or to plan on taking distance RN->BSN classes. I would just put the pros/cons of both out on the table.. then see if it helps. If not apply to both sets of programs... also with the CC and having only quarter of pre-reqs.. that might allow you to start earlier - in a wint/spring quarter and could play into your pros/cons list by getting income/graduation faster.
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    Here's my two cents. I've been accepted to Seattle University and I'm on UW's wait list for this coming fall...Since time seems to be of the essence for your situation, I would apply everywhere, but really focus on programs that have the soonest start date. I know, for example, Shoreline Comm. College (ADN program) takes students 3x/year. If time truly isn't that big of a deal, in my opinion, I would focus on BSN programs. Why settle for an ADN if you don't have to? Go as high as you can go! True, you take the same RN licensing test at the end of the program (and there is nothing wrong with and ADN - you're still going to be an RN!), but an ADN is rather limiting in job opportunities. Most hospitals don't hire many new grads to begin with (especially now) and nearly all job postings specify 'BSN preferred or required'. So why limit yourself? Make yourself as competitive as possible for jobs and maybe someday graduate school! To me, there are many more plusses to a BSN vs. ADN. Also, a BSN now will save you time and money so you don't have to do a third year for an RN-BSN program if you decide you really need/want the BSN and you once again have to reapply for school and start the process over again!
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    Thank you two sooo much. Twinkletoes you are 100% right about getting the BSN if I have the chance to. I want to go to UW and I should at least try and see if I get accepted before settling for the ADN. Either way I will still be an RN and I will just do the RN-BSN route if I don't get into SU or UW. Thanks that really helped.
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    for what is worth.. for ex.
    Here in Tacoma/oly area the Providence hospital offers on-site free classes for RN to BSN from UW - the tacoma campus sends professors to teach... and they are able to work and take a weekly courses in order to obtain that BSN from UW as well.
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    I think getting the most education you CAN is always a GREAT idea..... however.....

    I have my ADN. I started a 2 year ADN program when my daughter was 8 weeks old! (OMG!) ha ha It was hell, but I made it and The last 3-4 jobs I have gotten have all said BSN preferred or required. I have nailed them all! After 13 years of experience in a WIDE variety of nursing positions, I now work from a home office, doing utilization review for insurance company, making a very good living and still only have my ADN.

    For me when I started, I needed to get done and get out in the work force. I have thought about going back, but honestly, I don't see that it is worth it to me right now. Kids, sports, etc. Plus I got through school without taking ANY School loans out. Which was GREAT!

    So, I think it really depends on your individual situation. I want to go back when the kiddos are older and I have a little spare time (& $$$) on my hands, but hard to imagine spending all that money when I won't make much more-- if Any.

    Goodluck to you with whatever decision you make.
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    Wow, thanks so much for your input. I couldn't imaging going through school when my daughter was 8 mnths, kudos to you. I feel like the job market has really changed these couple years and I want the best shot at the job that is right for me so the BSN is probably what I should do. Us 2010 and 2011 new grads might not have the same success getting a job with an adn as you did due to the economy and influx of new nurses. Thanks so much..
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    8 WEEKS OLD!!!! hahaha I was still BREASTFEEDING! But there was a 2 year wait supposibly... but on some weird FLUKE I got in EARLY...... and so it goes..........!!!

    I totally agree with you. Now that I have the years of experience...... I have not had the experience of anyone balking at the idea of my having my ADN..... thank god!

    But you should do whatever you can.... either way.... it will ALL work out FINE!
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    Best of luck to you NichelleNurse2b! Sounds like you definitely know what you want and how to achieve it!
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    Hello and good luck in applying to schools. I graduated from UW last June and when talking to other students of cc programs Ive come to the conclusion that UWs program isnt as difficult. The staff have great attitudes and are very helpful and they dont have standarized testing like most of the other programs. As i understand most of the other schools have tests you have to take at the end of quarters and if you fail it twice, youre out. Someone please correct me if Im wrong.

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