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hi everyone!:spin: i just wanna ask some questions with u guys out there. im a registered nurse in the philippines and soon as i finished and passed the local board exam there,me and my family have to moved here in seattle.... Read More

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    I am from SLU too, batch 2011. Are we of the same batch?

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    To most PH recent grads, here's some update on states like in CA with the concurrency issue as a reason for denial of your application:

    There's more information in the World Nursing then click on Nurse Registration.
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    Hi iilenjolll I just want to know what requirements or what steps. You've done as of now coz like u I'm also a bsn graduate and no local license in the Philippines. Thanks
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    Hi reyallanbonus I read ru post and like u I would like to know the right answer if they're requiring the local license,too

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