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hi everyone!:spin: i just wanna ask some questions with u guys out there. im a registered nurse in the philippines and soon as i finished and passed the local board exam there,me and my family have to moved here in seattle.... Read More

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    I am also a BSN-RN back in the Philippines and has migrated to WA years ago. Now, I'm considering going the CNA route myself because I have a job waiting for me at an AFH. I've never worked anything nursing-related since I got here and so CNA is I think would be best for me for experience/training while preparing for the NCLEX which I am planning to take in Ca coz I don't have CGFNS.

    Could anyone here give me some tips how to go about first, applying for the CNA without going back to school to be trained for CNA since I had 4 years of Nursing training and education? then, also comments and suggestions on how I go about the 2nd option of applying for NCLEX in Ca? Sure would appreciate any feedback or tips. Thank you.
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    Hi! I hope I can help you. From what I understand you don't have to take the CGFNS exam. What you need is the CGFNS transcript evaluation report. Your school should send a copy of your official transcript to CGFNS so they can evaluate your transcript. But before you do that you have to take and pass the TOEFL first. After that take the HIV course. Here is the step by step application for the nclex exam in washington state if you are foreign educated. Meaning you graduated from a nursing school outside U.S

    1. Make sure you have your SSN
    2. Take the TOEFL
    3. Take the HIV course - You can take online courses just check the Nursing board of Washington. They have the list of accredited programs and website.
    4. Have your College/University send your transcript to directly to CGFNS you need the transcript evaluation report.

    For more information visit this link

    I hope this information helps! Don't forget to search the website. That's all and God Bless.
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    @Myapple77 thanks for the info! say? will it be an issue if I don't hold a local license?
    I just moved here as an immigrant and don't hold any local license from ph?
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    Hi everyone!Thank you Lord for leading me to this forum.Im from Phil too & just got here (Wa) last august.I passed my Cali NCLEX applicn two weeks ago,but sadly,it seems like It'll take more than six months for the approval for some pressing issues.Some of my friends have applied last year & still no result.They have additional requirements for foreign educated RNs. So Im contemplating on just going with Wa Nclex appli,but was disheartened by the addtional exams.Can any of u ladies answer my qualm?Do i need to take the CGFNS exam or just process the CES?please?Every opinion solicited would be greatly appreciated.Godbless!
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    @mrsmay If you think youre clinical cases aren't concurrent with the dates you took your theoretical classes, there's a big chance bon cali will turn down your application. that's what happened to me.anyway, I wanna move on and now, I started my application on the state where I'm residing. I called the Nursing comission in WA a week ago and accdg. to them, you only need CES from CGFNS. meaning, you don't have to take the cgfns exam. they just need an evaluation of your school or license credentials.They gave me advice to process my ces first and have the CGFNS sent it to NursingComission of WA. then they will inform you if you need to take the Toefl or not.
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    Thank u so much ms lllenjolll!You're an angel.Everyone on this forum is.I'll call tom and see what info I can gather.I just dont want to wait forever with the Cali Nclex app.If I may impose,can u please post an update regarding your Wa Nclex app?I will bookmark this forum 😊.Im glad Im not alone with my predicament.
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    i just got here a year ago. and i applied for Cali NCLEX and they did not approve my application because i dont hold a license and i did not finish my cases. so im planning to apply here in washginton. do they require you to hold a license before they find you eligigble???? and i dont finish my cases. but i graduated at SLU. thanks
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    Im from washington too!!! Do they have a concurrency issue in wa???
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    hello guys. i really found your thread very helpful. anyhow i somewhat have the same matter as with you guys. i just came here 2months ago and i took my toefl and passed it an also i had received an email from cgfns that they already received my documents from my university and from prc;however, im clueless on how long it'll take me to receive the verifiation report. while waiting for the verification, i already applied for my nclex thru mail and already took the AIDS thru an EMS program here.. somewhat i've done all the requirements. my concern is the length of the verification you have any idea guys? i also work in an AFH now while reviewing and waiting. i already took a DDD seminar, PRN orientation and Core basic training eventhough i am a licensed RN in the phil. just to be sure i guess. the requirements here in WA are really complicate compare to other states but thank God i am guided thru all of these. anyhow, ireally want to hear from you guys. im the one who posted another thread by the way.. thanks!
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    Hello guys. I thank God for having sent me to this forum. I hope that this would be a big help for me.I need help with my NCLEX application. I just moved here in California as an immigrant two weeks ago. I originally plan to take the NCLEX RN here in California but it had concurrency issue and it states that theoretical study and clinicals should be taken at the same time. That cases for OB should be taken and completed only during the course of time that the OB concept is being studied. Same is through with MS. my question is do they have the same concurrency issue with the board of nursing there in Washington? I am thinking of transferring there at Washington to have my NCLEX because I really don,t have the chance of taking it here in california. Thank you very much!

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