Nurse in the philippines,but have to moved in seattle

  1. hi everyone!:spin:

    i just wanna ask some questions with u guys out there.
    im a registered nurse in the philippines and soon as i finished and passed the local board exam there,me and my family have to moved here in seattle.

    now i dont know what to do in order to be license here.
    some said that i should take the nclex and be licensed in california...
    and if i passed the california board i can "transfer" my license here in washington.

    in this way i dont have to take the CGFNS exam.because the california board doesn't required the CGFNS exam..
    is this true???

    is this a good way to be license here in washington???

    i need ur advice guys!

    thanks a lot!
    hope u can help me
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  3. by   MsLeylaBar
    Maybe it is easier to take the NCLEX-RN in California, and get a license by endorsement to Washington State.

    Are you a US Citizen then?
  4. by   jylyn8
    thanks for your reply...

    im not US citizen..
    im an immigrant/green card holder
  5. by   Menalyn
    Hi... Just want to ask regarding your status as a nurse here in usa. I just got here in Washington state, in a local town Prosser near the tricities. Im a registered nurse also in the Philippines and havent taken yet the nclex etc... I am here as a H4 visa *dependent.. under my husband's H1b. Do i still have to take cgfns or not.. or just take nclex at california then have it converted to wasington license later on if ever i passed. Please advice.. thanks..
  6. by   jylyn8
    i am also an immigrant here in washington by dependent under my a nurse i am not yet allowed to practice here since i dont have license.but i am a voluntee at swedish hospital and i am planning to take a license in california this coming december.f god will permit me to pass the exam i will then apply for endorsement of license here in washington...
    in that case if ever i will be registered nurse in california and here in washington..and i think that is the best way i know...
  7. by   enelus143
    My cousins were in the same situation, and they took the California exam. They did not take the CGFNS exam.
  8. by   caycay
    That's what I did. When I transferred from Ireland, I already had my NCLEX application in California. I took my exam here in Seattle. When I got my California license, I applied for an endorsement to Washington. It took me 6 weeks before I received my Washington License. One thing, after I passed my NCLEX, the California Board asked for my SSN# coz they will not issue your license if you don't have it.
    What I could only suggest to you guys is to have some work experiences in the Phils first. There's no easy way coming here and work here. There are lots of newly grad US nurses who are having a hard time looking for work. I would wonder how much more for a foreign grad who doesn't have experience at all. Goodluck to everyone!!!
  9. by   jeslea
    how can we acquire ssn#?
  10. by   caycay
    Quote from jeslea
    how can we acquire ssn#?
    Please google US Social Security Number and you will get your answer :typing
    As long as you're legally reside here in the US, you can obtain one.
  11. by   mamilucy
    i am not yet a licensed nurse but planning to apply for nclex in california because i have h4 visa. is it possible without me taking local board here in the phil.? and what are the first thing i have to do?
  12. by   poopyhead
    hi there,
    I took my NCLEX exam via New Mexico Nursing board while I was working as a RN in Singapore. New Mexico Nursing board doesnt ask for SSN so that you can take ur NCLEX exam in Phil or somewhere in asia. I took mine in HongKong. In this way I have been a registered nurse in the US even before I was physically in the country. After I moved to the US and obtained SSN as a permanent resident, I then endorsed with WA nursing board (cos WA nursing board requires SSN) .
    hope that might help u.
  13. by   EDSH_RN
    Hi jylyn8,
    I was wondering if you passed your nclex rn since your last post.?
  14. by   .mae.
    hi.. i am living in washington as well and a nurse in the philippines.. i thought i might help you with your question...

    well 1st WA does not require you to take CGFNS.. only have your college transcript evaluated by them (cgfns site calls it CES) cost about $300+ and have the CGFNS send their evaluation directly to the WA board of nursing

    then you will have to take the TOEFL..

    those are their requirements..

    personally... i am going to apply to california and have my license endorse here... that way i dont have to take TOEFL.. i have heard from friends that it is hard.. i wish they take ielts though...

    another advice... while at it.. you may want to do what i am did... call dshs (website: ).. and ask them if ur education is elegible for CNA without going to school for it.. well they will say it does.. and they will have you fax your BSN diploma and PRC license card and they will mail you the forms.. anyways thats if you want to work.. ive been here for 5 months now and i wanted to work while studying and waiting for my ATT..

    good luck... =)
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