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Hi everyone! I'm 22 years old, been working currently in a pediatric cardiac ICU in Ohio for about a year and I am strongly considering moving to Seattle next year. I would be moving by myself,... Read More

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    I'm a bit of a nomad. I moved to Baltimore, CO, & VA, among other places, knowing absolutely no one. I'm a/b to move to AK. You are on the right track by choosing a larger city. You tend to stumble into people with common interests in larger, more diverse places vs. smaller, more homogeneous communities. I don't regret moving across the country on my own; just be patient the 1st few months. If you're an extreme extrovert (unlike me), that 1st few months b/f you have a group of friends may be difficult. Adventures like this are worth the sacrifices if you ask me. Go for it! Best of luck!
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    Hey all!
    I thought I should put myself in this forum as well since I too will be moving to Seattle. I'm from California and will be finished with my BSN from San Francisco by this December. I got hired by a hospital there to work an RN student summer internship and then will work there full time after graduation, so I intend to move there next year. I am 22 years old and will be new to the area! So excited and scared at the same time!

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