Interview at Harborview, what to expect?

  1. Hey everyone, I was just extended an invitation to interview at Harborview. I'm wondering if anyone can offer me guidance on what your typical interview looks like there? Or share what your interview experiance was like.

    On another topic if I were to end up landing a job there, where is a good location to live? A nice area without too much of a commute (or possibly not needing a car at all?). Currently I live in a fairly small community, about an hour away, so I'd have to move much closer. I know there are probably 100s of applicants for one position, however it doesn't hurt to think ahead
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  3. by   BonnieSc
    Do you know what area you're interviewing with? I had a general interview with HR; then they walked me over to the hospital and I had pretty standard interviews with nurse managers--response to conflict, communication style, that kind of thing--and a few behavioral and prioritization questions with imaginary scenarios.

    Lots of my colleagues commute by bus/ferry/bike/walking, from a few different areas. Capitol Hill is one.
  4. by   FutureRN-2012
    I will be graduating in March next year with an ADN, how do u get an interview from harborview? Do you have a BSN? Any information would help, I really would like to start my career at harborview.
  5. by   Annals of Nursing
    Waaaaaay back when. I was young and full of hope, a wise nursing instructor told me that UW, FH, and the children's wouldn't interview ADN-ASN c/z they have to keep their magnet status (I was going to go to a career fair for UW and Children naturally. Decided not to go).

    Don't remember what she said about HMC. Well, she said a lot of things that i don't remember anymore.
  6. by   CCL RN
    Waaaaay back now...ive had no problems landing several interviews and job offers with my ADN...
  7. by   SNIXRN
    Hey R*Star*RN,

    How did the interview go? I have an interview next week. Any pointers?