How much is the average RN salary in Seattle?

  1. Hello, how much is the average salary for BSN-RNs in the Seattle area? We are planning to make a move as it is closer to family. What does it compare to the cost of living?
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  3. by   adventure_rn
    Most of the major hospitals in the area have their union contracts available for public view; you can look up exact salaries based on your years of experience, as well as shift differentials. Just google "collective bargaining agreement" + the hospital name. IMO, Seattle nursing salaries are pretty low relative to the rapidly rising cost of living. There are plenty of forums on this topic if you browse through the 'Washington Nurses' forums.
  4. by   Silent no more Rn
    WSNA is the main union in this area, like adventures Rn said you can look up the salaries. Harborview, Virginia Mason (where I work) if you want a ED job there's openings, Swedish, Northwest hospital, over lake, etc etc. I do know that the VM clinic nurses are not part of the union so they get paid less. Good luck!
  5. by   Thanksforthedonuts
    Roughly $30 and up in acute care. For long term care would start around $27+
    Cost of living is very high. If you are looking specifically in Seattle and the Eastside (across the bridge) houses cost an arm and 2 legs.

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