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Are there any students/recent graduates of the nursing program in the Tri-Cities? I'm almost done with my pre-reqs in order to apply for the nursing program. I would be interested in your... Read More

  1. by   Cbishop77
    If I could ask, Why did you choose to go to CBC..?
  2. by   KatieJ91
    Well, I the first reason was because my husband and I want to pay cash for my schooling. WSU cost about 10K more than CBC does. The other reason is that I felt like an associates degree would fit what I wanted out of a career perfectly for me. I want to be a mom first (I don't have children yet) and I do not see myself wanting to be a manager or anything that requires a bachelors. I want to do hospital bedside nursing. The pro to having my bachelors was that it would give me an edge when starting to find a job and also it gives you manager opportunities. The pay is only about $1 more an hour from what my mom tells me. Another reason why I chose CBC is because I have talked to several people who say it is a very good program. I do not like the fact that WSU is via satellite from Pullman campus on many of their courses. In the end I felt that the ASN worked more for my long term goal then the BSN and if I want to go back and get my BSN I always can. Some employers will even pay for you to go back and get it. Sorry that was a lot
  3. by   tabithaharder
    Congrats on your acceptance to CBC. I am just finishing my first year there and will do the summer quarter too. I think they have a great program. Enjoy your summer & see you in the fall!
  4. by   Barbie Hanna
    hi i have quistions for you guys, iam wanting to put my ap for rn program at cbc wa, what was your guys grades for the pre regs when u guys got acsepted? cuse at the time iam in math 70 wich is algebra iam from oregon 30 min from pasco and tri citys. hope to be done with my pre regs in the fall or summer of next year. i just hope when iam done to get acsepted i dont think iam a pass my classes with an A, maybe a B, for shure a C lol so thats y iam asking for tips on how to get acsepted? and hows the school going for u guys? oh and is it easy to get a job once u graduate? thanx i hope someone replys lol
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  5. by   KatieJ91
    Hey, I'll try my best to answer them for you.
  6. by   Barbie Hanna
    hi i hope u can help to reply to my other post?
  7. by   KatieJ91
    First you should get on the CBC website and find where it explains the admissions index score. This will help you better understand what grades you will need to get. Your gpa in human ap 1, college level match, college level English, and chemistry are the only ones that count towards your points to get in so make sure you do especially well in those classes. Then one third is your teas test score. You can also google this. I would say a very good score on this test is 80 or higher. This area is where most people have trouble. You can take the test twice before applying and the highest score counts. The last third is how many of your pre requisites you have done. You should have all of these points easily except for 2 they give to students who did a program at the local high-schools called Tri Tech. You will need all of your sciences to get in. You may be able to get away with not having a psychology or communications class done yet. Hope this helps.
  8. by   Barbie Hanna
    what wher your grades when u got acsepted also?
  9. by   Barbie Hanna
    thanx and yeah i ben on ther web site, i was just curious on what was the lowest score that got acsepted in the nursing program that u know of? they say C or better but will a C realy get u in?
  10. by   KatieJ91
    Well you can never know for sure. I think everyone I know had a 3.0 or better in all of their classes, but their might be some that had c's. I had three 4.0's and a 3.9 for my gpa portion of the admissions score.
  11. by   ABWalters
    Hi guys, I am applying to the CBC nursing program this year. My index score is just under a 26 (technically its a 25.8 so i don't know if I should consider it a 25 or a 26). I also got an 86 on the TEAS test. Think I have a chance of getting in??

    Quote from 60sreturn
    Are there any students/recent graduates of the nursing program in the Tri-Cities?
    I'm almost done with my pre-reqs in order to apply for the nursing program.

    I would be interested in your comments about the TEAS testing, floor training, the program itself, and job availability after graduation.

    Thanks in advance and I look forward to your comments.
  12. by   KatieJ91
    I know a few people that had the same score as you that got in, but every year is different. That is a really good TEAS. I would say you have a good chance with your score and if you don't get in with the first round chances are you will make it from the waiting list. We had almost 10 people that made it but then decided not to come. Some people have family issues, get pregnant, or choose another school. Good luck!
  13. by   ABWalters
    Thanks! I didn't know that CBC had a waiting list. That's nice to know. I'm very hopeful and lots of people told me that with my good TEAS test score that I should consider myself accepted already, but you never know!