Bellevue College hopefuls 2014-2015

  1. Hey everyone, I didn't see a thread for this yet so I thought I would start one.

    Is anyone else applying to BC for Fall 2014/Winter 2015 cohorts? I'm getting nervous with the deadline less than two months away. I did all my pre reqs there and it's my first choice school which probably adds to the nerves a bit. Are any of you finished with the application process yet? I think it's nice that this year, the background check is after the initial application just for the sake of saving money if I didn't score high enough on my TEAS to get in.
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  3. by   direwolf
    I am applying for 2014-2015 as well! I have done everything except send in all the required documents. I just realized that I didn't have the right CPR certification so I have to take the CPR for healthcare providers class on the 11th and then I will send in my documents after that. I also have to take my 2nd TEAS on the 14th but I already got a 91.3 so yeah. I am super nervous with the deadline only being a month away but I'm sure it will be fine. Good luck!
  4. by   jaycam
    With a TEAS score like that I'm sure you'll be fine as long as all your paperwork is order. I am actually retaking the TEAS on the 14th as well. I only got an 85.3 the first time and want to improve my chances of getting in fall quarter/not be wait listed. I rented the ATI study guide from Barnes and Noble and got Pocket Prep's practice exam app, so I think I have a fair chance at getting better this time. I need to get a new copy of my CPR card, but since I did it through BC I don't think it will be that hard to do so.
  5. by   UWHuskies
    I am applying for this fall start date also. I finished all my pre-reqs this past quarter and will be taking the TEAS next week. I got the study and been studying it here and there. The math and science don't seem too bad but the reading portion for the themes, topic sentences, etc. are my only "weak" point. We shall see what I get. If I get 88 or better, I think I will be satisfied..
  6. by   jaycam
    From what I have seen, aiming for 86-89 should good, though fall quarter is of course the highest. Have you taken the ewrite yet?
  7. by   UWHuskies
    Sorry for the long delay. No I haven't taken the ewrite during this testing period. I took it back in December of 2012. Well, I will be taking my TEAS in 5 hours and feel a little unsettled about the chemistry..
  8. by   jaycam
    I'm sure you'll do great. Physics is always my hard one since I haven't taken it in many years.
  9. by   Gottmilk
    I'm applying for Fall too. Just took the TEAS today and got a 93.3. Still gotta take the Compass E-write though.
  10. by   UWHuskies
    Yeah I will be retaking the TEAS next week. I only got an 80. I struggled most on the English section and a bit on the chem but the rest was great.
  11. by   Gottmilk
    Good luck on your retest. Haha kind of ironic that your name is UWHuskies and you're applying to BC
  12. by   jaycam
    I found pocketprep's TEAS app helpful. It's less expensive than some options as well. Good luck on the retake. My retake didn't go so well. I ended up in the ER afterwards so I am stuck with my 85.3
  13. by   hopefulBE
    Hey guys, I'm applying too. I'm taking the TEAS test next week... super nervous!
    @UW huskies - did you apply to UW as well? - I also go there.
  14. by   jaycam
    Welcome HopefulBE! Don't stress to much. It's intense, it can be overwhelming, and I've never taken a test like it before, but it's not horrible. PocketPrep makes a TEAS app for Android and IOS that is fairly cost effective and offers you 1k practice questions that are just like the ones on the test with explanations of the questions in review. I really like it.

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