Anyone work for Seattle Children's?

  1. I live in another state and have a phone interview coming up. I'm a new grad but I have 9 months of adult acute care (in a hospital) experience. Just curious what the base pay is, nurse to patient ratio, etc. Has anyone gone from med-surg to peds? How was the transition?
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  3. by   seamel
    Hi there

    I work at Children's as a new grad and am still in orientation.

    What unit is your interview for? The staffing ratio is different for each unit. PICU and SCCA are 2:1 usually. Surgical is 3:1 on days and 4:1 on nights. Same with Medical I believe. Pay for a nurse with less than 1 year experience is $27.49. Night differential is about $4.25 and weekends diff is $4. Evening is around $2-ish. Most positions require that you work 2 weekends a month.

    Good luck! Let me know if you have any other questions. I absolutely LOVE this hospital and it really is a dream job for me.
  4. by   SNIXRN
    Thanks for the reply! I believe I am interviewing for a surgical floor - I'm excited! Any suggestions for the interview?

    Oh and one last thing, just out of curiousity, what colors do nurses wear?
  5. by   seamel
    I would say be prepared with examples of difficult patients you've worked with, difficult families, and situations where you went above and beyond for a patient.

    As far as the dress code, there is none. A lot of people (including me) wear scrub bottoms and a t-shirt with a zip-up sweatshirt half the time. You can wear whatever you want as long as it's appropriate (i.e. not restricting your work and not showing off your cleavage). One of the things I love about Children's- they focus on the care you provide not micro-managing your outfit.

    Good luck in your interview!
  6. by   BennyRNCA

    I have a friend who wanted to work there and passed. A few years ago, this place was pretty good, but she also heard some of the terrible stories about management there from some pretty good sources and don't wish to say how but you can figure it, it's not CSI.