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Hello all, Thanks for reading. I am just wondering if anyone has gotten into the program with a 3.5 or so lately? It seems now a days its impossible, and a 3.5 is a very, very tough gpa to get. 3.7-4.0 just seems so... Read More

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    I agree with what many have said; getting into a CC (ADN) program seems to require a higher (very high) GPA. The BSN programs, on the other hand, seem to be a little "easier" in terms of GPA. Like JLoya, I just got accepted into the University of Washington's BSN program (and was also admitted into the UW ABSN program). I was also invited for an interview with WSU (but turned them down, so I don't know how that would have turned out). I am in my very early 20s but this will be my second degree. My overall GPA is a 3.5 but my prerequisites are all 4.0s. I did most of my nursing prerequisites at a community college. I mention this because a few people gave me some flack for this but, in the end, I feel like I actually got a better education at the CC (especially in A&P) and, as long as you do well, it clearly doesn't matter where you take them. Anyway, I have my CNA licence (but had no experience working as one when I applied), CPR, HIPPA, first aid license, HIV-AIDS training, and 400+ hours of volunteer work in an urgent care clinic.

    While I did get 4.0s in my prerequisites, I really think (at least for UW) having the full package is important! Get some health care experience, volunteer, and spend time getting licensed (even if it's just your first aid/cpr). Keep your head up, grades high and try to get more experience. Then, once you've done everything you can to show you are a good candidate, write an amazing essay. It's not easy. It's lot of work, but getting into nursing school is hard right now, so you have to standout in some way.

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    No it's about GPA. But in earning a gpa takes alot of focus, and understanding to earn good grades which leads to a high gpa. Maintaining a balance, multitasking, understanding, comes with all of that . Gpa is a factor though.

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