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  1. I am a clinical instructor in the community college in Saudi Arabia. We have program for Associated Nursing (Diploma Degree) and the college wants to close this program because they said that Associate Nurses are not recognized worldwide.
    1-Do you think Associated Nursing should be closed and why?
    2- what is the % of associated nurses compare to registered nurses in USA?
    3- Do Associated nurses allowed to work in USA hospital?
    4- what is the different between Associated Nurses and Registered Nurses?
    5- do you still have programs for Associated Nursing in USA?

    Looking forward your comments
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  3. by   oncnursemsn
    I teach at a school outside Boston, MA. We have been contracted to provide our ASN curriculum to a nursing school in Egypt. We have provided it and offered support.
    The fact is that the majority of nurses who graduate with RN's in the US are ASN graduates. They certainly are encouraged to go on for their BSN's and MSN's. Basically- we graduate RN's who pass US state Boards with the Associate's degree and they make very good nurses. They learn to critically think and learn enough to pass boards with a nearly 100% passing rate.
    Our sister school- BSN has about an 80% passing rate. We work our students and it's a very rigorous program.
    Just my humble opinion.
  4. by   oncnursemsn
    There is no difference between BSN or ASN nurses. They all sit for the same boards. Yes, they are allowed to work in most- but not all US hospitals. There are some hospitals who don't take our ASN grads. About 50% of graduates are from ASN programs. There is no difference between ASN and BSN grads- as previously mentioned- they take the same licensure exam. Hope this helps!