WHC October Residency 2012

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    Hi all! I am scheduled to interview for the WHC RN residency program this week- just wondering if anyone else has interviewed for this cohort or previous cohorts and if so how long until you found out if you got the position..Also, do you hear from the hospital either way or only if they decide to hire you? thanks and good luck to everyone!

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    I interviewed last Friday and I found out that day I got the job! I don't know what unit you are interviewing for, but everyone at the hospital seemed super nice and helpful.

    I don't know if you hear either way... sorry! I wish I could be more help there! I don't know if everyone hears back the same day, but I found out I was offered a position in the October Cohort about an hour after I had interviewed.

    If you have any other questions please ask!

    Good Luck I hope you get it!
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    oh wow congrats! what unit did you interview for?
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    and who was your recruiter?
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    I have yet to schedule an interview, but I did apply to the October 2012 cohort. Good luck on your interview! Tell us how it goes
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    I interviewed for one of the med/surg floors and Brittany was my recruiter but she will be out all week..

    Good Luck on your interview
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    How did you set up an interview? I called HR to follow-up with my application and the woman replied that they don't do application status updates... Does someone from WHC call you and that's when you're scheduled for an interview?
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    They first sent me an email asking for more information, then another email saying they wanted to talk with me on the phone. It was during the phone conversation that they told me that they wanted to set up an interview and we set the date/time then!
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    Hi people

    I got an email asking for more information on Tuesday.

    Also what sort of questions did they ask on phone interview?And in person interview?

    It would help to be prepared!

    Thank you in advance
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    congrats!! I just wanted to know if they notified you via email or phone?

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