WHC dreamday on friday

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    Just wondering if anyone is scheduled to attend dreamday this friday and how you're preparing for it. The recruiter told me the unit managers might be interviewing at the end of the day but a friend who attended the last one said they didn't...any info to share? I'm just nervous i guess...
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    I attended dream day in April and they were not interviewing on that day. It really just depends on if the unit manager has time available on that day. It is a great opportunity to see the hospital and get an idea of the units. What floors will you be on?
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    Well they only had dreamday slots for Medsurg and Cardiac services so I guess it'll be one of those or maybe both...How did you like the experience? do you get a job there? Thx again for replying
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    I actually interviewed there today and it went really well. I am just awaiting the official call now. There are so many great things about WHC. Level 1 trauma, high acuity of patients, teaching hospital, etc. Their med-surg floors have such high acuity patients that they are on the level of what smaller hospitals would have in their ICU. Good luck tomorrow! They will go over all the benefits and pay, the orientation process, etc then you go onto the units to shadow. If you are interested in a floor I would recommend you seek out the nurse manager and express that. When I was there the nurse manager came out and spoke to us a bit (this was the burn unit), but it wasn't actually an interview.

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