What you don't know about VMT

  1. VMT has a LPN program that is one year. The total cost estimated $9000 (including travel and books). They have day, evening and weekend classes. Sound like a pretty decent school, right? WRONG!!!! The purpose of this operation is to get people in, take you money, and keep you there so they can get more money. I am a student in the evening class and I have been wronged.

    I have one more month in the program before I finish (September 02, 2006). The last class is called Career and Personal development II. This class reviews everything you learn, get students use to the computer, and give you a practice NCLEX exam, but it's an outside source. You pay to go to someone else and review what your school has taught you in the year. VMT has there own "mock" exam, that you are required to pass in order to graduate.

    This is where the ******** starts, first off, the off-site organization has a requirement regarding the amount of students (50-60; they combine many LPN programs in DC). VMT knew how many students were in my class, and knew how many students were needed to fullfill the requirements for the off-site organization. Well VMT doesn't have enough students for the evening class. Therefore, my class will be cancelled and switch over to the day. The issue is that most of my classmates work during the day, hence the reason we signed up for the evening class. But the director of the school does not know when the next class will be at the off-site place, therefore, we have to sit out and wait for them to figure out what to do. 11 months with this program, almost finish, and I have to sit out and wait.

    So my classmate and I suggested alternatives. There is more than one place that offer an LPN review course. The school stated, "this is a required course and must be taken at this location. No alternatives will be accepted." Ain't that some sh$%t. So this prolongs me from taking the state board b/c I can not get a certificate of completion from VMT.

    We I signed for this program, there was nothing in writting stating that at any point during the program a class can be cancelled due to low number of students. Nothing in writting. What is wrong with this school? How can an institute of learning treat there students like this? Someone please answer me this.

    There is alot more things going on at this school. It's all about money, not about producing good, efficient, knowledgeable nurses. Any suggestions on what to do, please let me know.
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    I really appreciate your post.It is an eye opener for me,i am about starting classes in vmt dis september.But i dont think thats gonna happen.If after 11 months they make pple go thru the this stress,then it's not worth it.

    Does anyone know any reliable lpn school in DC?
  4. by   struggling_student
    Comprehensive Health Academy of Practical Nursing is one of the best schools in DC. They have a 100% passing rate for students taking the NCLEX and they are cheaper. I wish i would've know about them before. Also check out UDC, they have a pretty good program also. Hope that helps and keep in touch. I have plenty of books. If you need an entrance exam book I have two. Just let me know.
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    I just called UDC 8-29-06. I did not realize at first that they had an LPN program because it is not clear from their website. Their website describes the LPN to AASN program to prepare an LPN to site for the RN exam. It also describes the RN to BSN program. However, the good news is that UDC offers both a CNA program as well as LPN program. If you call them, they can send you a factsheet. FYI -- The DC Department of Health posts a list of approved nursing schools: http://dchealth.dc.gov/doh/cwp/view,...480|34485|.asp

    In addition, as a wise consumer, you should read about the pass rates of students who graduate from the various school programs and sit for the licensing exam: http://hpla.doh.dc.gov/hpla/lib/hpla...20doh%20LPN%22
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    do you have to take out a loan for comprehensive school, i know some schools require to put a lump sum down
  8. by   MamaGyrl
    Comprehensive offers Sallie Mae loans but you have to put down a deposit in order to guarantee your spot in the class. Yes you can put down a big deposit or pay monthly.