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Hello everyone! I am a senior nursing student and will be graduating in May. I am interested in relocating to DC from Ohio and I am interested in WHC. How is the fellowship for new grads? Is it very competitive to get in to? Also... Read More

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    Thanks everyone for all the great info on here. Ukstudent, I see that you are in Annapolis...is the commute bad from there to WHC? I am very interested in the hospital but am worried about spending so much time in the car!

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    ukstudent you were very helpful... thanks so much! I am graduating this May and am planninng to attend a Dream Day session either this December or early next year. I am so nervous about the interview process because I wouldn't want the interviewer to feel that I am not a critical thinker... AHHH. Anyway do you recommend going early or closer to graduation toa dream day? Do job offers depend on the time of year that you go? Any advice would be helpful.

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