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Washington DC-area nursing schools

  1. 0 Hello there, I am actually from NJ but my fiance is applying to law schools in Washington DC for Fall 2006 and also I plan on starting nursing school in Fall of 2006.

    Can anyone give me some ideas of good nursing programs in the area who do not have extremely long waitlists? I already have a BA in Psychology. ADN or BS programs are ok, I just need a starting point of which schools to research and apply to.
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    It depends partly on where you want to live. The University of MD has an accelerated RN program for second degree students -- it's recently changed from a BSN to an MS. Johns Hopkins has a 2nd degree program as well. But, if you live in DC or NoVA, they would be a hike -- both are in Baltimore. In DC, there's Catholic, Howard, and Georgetown for second degree BSN programs. UDC has an AASN program and BSN completion program. In NoVA, there's Marymount and GMU (George Mason U.). There could be more; I'm not that familiar with NoVA schools. Also, there's also several schools in the MD suburbs (MC, PGCC, Columbia Union, etc.). You have lots of options; good luck!

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    Thanks for the links. This made my research a lot quicker!