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greetings!, Does anyone here have any info whatsoever about Radians College?, its in NW on vermont ave, I've been lookin into their website but not enough to convince me, Although it does say that... Read More

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    radians college staff are the ones who lack respect as they are so rude and arrogant to the belief that it is the student and not the way they choose to view the students. when it is all said and done, radians is a for- profit company. and the gain comes from the student like me who work overtime and double time, with reduced quality time with my family and children. to come to a school that does not care for anything else other than did i pay my last tuition fee. regardless of my financial situation at that time. you mention being sued, someone should sue this school and expose the greed and that underlines the false smiles and empty words spoken of: we strive for excellence (as long as we have our money on time or there will be a 150 late fee)! bogus!

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    FYI, apparently finding pass rates on DC schools is somewhat difficult. Anyway, just for those of you thinking about Radians college, their pass rate for 2010 as of April 1st was 66.67. Although amazingly, other schools weren't doing so hot either other than Georgetown and Howard.
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