NEW GRAD NURSE who needs guidance!!!

  1. Hello!!!
    I live in North Carolina and graduate nursing school in December! I want to relocate to DC but I am having such a hard time finding out information about new grad opportunities.

    I have contacted both GWU/Georgetown in hopes to find some info about new grad employment but haven't had any responses.

    In NC or at Duke at least new grad positions are beginning to open up so I am assuming it is like that in DC as well.

    When I'm done with school I will have an Associates degree and a diploma in nursing. I did a nursing internship this summer at Duke University Medical Center in the PACU. I know at these hospitals they are mostly wanting BSN nurses and I have already started pre-reqs to continue my education.

    Does anyone have any info about New grad opportunities at any hospitals in the DC area? I am also wondering if its likely that I won't get hired because I don't have a bsn?

    I would appreciate some info so badly!
    Never thought finding a job would be more stressful than nursing school itself ;O)

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  3. by   malenurz
    I recently landed a new grad position at a community hospital in D.C. and it took a while. (I'm from out of state) Before graduating, try to get some experience in school in the area that you want to work in. - ie if you want to work in peds, be sure to get some experience at a kids hospital - if you want to work in the ER, be sure you have some extensive experience in the ER etc etc.

    In the meantime, try to get a NR to return your calls while you are in your last semester of school. It might take some patience. Try to get your foot in the door. Be patient and persistent.

    After graduating, your priority should be passing your boards. Take a review class if you can and try like heck to pass on your first try. (Less time spent sitting around that way waiting to take it again.) After passing your boards, plan a trip to DC and set up interviews on that trip. Please note: many nursing recruiters WILL NOT return your phone calls. It's nothing personal, but most will not return your calls, and that's just a fact of life - especially before you have passed your boards..

    However, with experience, and with your boards done, you might be able to land an interview and get a job. You will have one thing working for you - graduating in December. There are fewer December grads than in May or June. It's a tough economy right now, but it's manageable.

    Drop me a note with any questions. I'm not an expert - just someone who is blessed and I start at my new grad job in the fall.
  4. by   ufblondi
    I disagree slightly with the above post. Start looking NOW. I know that georgetown has an open house coming up (maybe in october? its sometime before the end of the year). They do all of their interviews during that day and that is where they get their new grads. If you were to wait until after you graduated and were licensed, you'd miss all the opportunities. The hospitals here have programs starting in Feb. Washington hospital center has a dream day where you can shadow on 2 units. Check out their site and sign up for a date. They fill up fast.
  5. by   malenurz
    blondi brings up good points. I was just relaying my experiences. I was trying to get into all of those places that she mentioned (Gtown, WHC) and I could not get in. I couldn't even get into WHC's Dream Day program, and I had been trying for 4 months. Probably because of the area or nursing I was looking into, or perhaps because I was an out-of-towner.

    Good points she brings up otherwise.