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New Grad Interviewing at WHC and CNMN

  1. 0 Hi, I have reacently become obsessed with this site, trying to look for information about DC. I am a graduating in two weeks (RN-BSN)!!!!! and will be interview in June at Washinton Hospital Center for their fellowhip and at Children's National Medical Center for their internship. I realize both progams are amazing and am willing to pick up and move from Colorado for the opportunity if offered. I'm wondering about pay though, is it still $25/hr, sign on bonus or tuition reimbursment, relocation monies. Also I wondering about safe places to live. Safety is my number one priority, as a young single female, but I want to be able to not have a car out there. I'm looking for something $1500 or less a month, washer/dryer, 1-2 bedrooms, and walking distance from public transportation. Any help, suggestions or ideas are appreciated. Thanks So Much!!!
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    Moved to Washington forum for 'local' input.
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    Can you move this to the D.C. forum? This is the Washington state forum. Thanks!
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    oops sorry!:imbar:imbar
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    Thread re-homed in DC.
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    No worries! : ) I'll actually be moving to D.C. from Seattle and I'm so excited to tell people that I'm from the "other Washington" ; )

    To the original poster, I actually interviewed at CNMC and they offer $25 + $2 if you're working in PICU/NICU (I'm in the NICU), plus $3,000 bonus. No relocation bonus, I don't think. Plus shift differentials which someone posted somewhere around here but it's something like $3-4 for weekends/nights.

    For housing, Craigslist is the king of everything in the world of moving. Supposedly for dating as well, but I haven't tried it :wink2: In any case, you can click on the Wash DC link, and search for apartments there (rooms/shares). As a cautionary word, you probably won't be able to find anything unless you're 2-4 weeks out of actually moving into a place. Do you want to live with roommates? D.C. is a very transient city with "young professionals" coming and going all the time, so I'm hoping to live in a group home with some folks. I think that's better than just getting one roommate with dynamics, but that's just me : )

    The metro is pretty awesome--not as fabulous as NYC, but still gets the job done. I'm bringing my bike and I hope to just use that + the metro. Maybe get a vespa!

    Hope this was helpful!

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