MedStar Georgetown University Hospital - New Grad Summer 2013

  1. 0 I started this topic in the Maryland group by accident.. Anyone apply to the program and hear back yet?! I'm so anxious to know if I get an interview or not. Good Luck!
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    The furthest I got was the Career Battery Test which sounds as if they send to all who meet the minimum requirements. I haven't received any follow-up after that. From previous posts from past cohorts, they say that they would request a packet of your letters of Rec, resume, transcripts, etc. if you are do well on the battery test. Then from those reviewed application packets, they would send an invitation to a "invite only open house."

    I learned this from reading old Allnurses posts, has anyone heard anything different? Or has anyone received the request for application packets yet?
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    I havent heard back yet. I received an email on the 13th that was sent to myself and about 30 others, saying that we must take the career battery test by the 17th. I applied probably 2 weeks ago but i never recvd the linked, so she had to resend it to me. So I'm assuming the other folks had the same scenario as I.I took my test on the 16th. So I'm assuming they are starting to go through all the applicants now
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    Got the rejection email today. I did the battery test on dec 7. Good luck to everyone else!
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    I rcvd the rejection email as well, stating they rcvd over 500 applicants
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    I received a phone call a few days ago asking me what areas I was interested in. Took the battery test early December. Has anyone else received a call?
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    I got my acceptance on the 21 and they asked for a few documents and recommendations! I can't wait for New Grady Day in February!
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    Congrats! Can't wait either!
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    Also received an email the 21st! What areas are those going to new grad day interested in?
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    I'm going for SICU
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    I am going for MICU!
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    When do we find out? Did they say anything?
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    I applied for the SICU too!! ahhhh i hope we find out soon. are you going to take the job if they offer it to you??

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