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Is Providence Hospital still union free?

  1. 0 When I worked there, they canned 3 nurses for talk of a union followed with a personal visit by the ceo to can anyone talking of unions. This was many years ago.

    Have they succeeded at infiltrating Providence yet?
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    The only hospital in DC that has a union is Washington Hospital Center. Providence definitely does NOT have a union. But, given the poor state of their facilities, the worst pay in the district, and many, many other shortcomings, they probably deserve a union more than any other hospital.
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    i worked for whc but opted out of the union and they still took money out of my paycheck. I thought this isn't fair!
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    I've always thought it was funny when people complained about paying union dues, but, they never seemed to complain when their hourly rate was better than in the non-union hospitals.

    You should have opted into the union, then at least you could have written it off your taxes.
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    You can't opt out of the union in a union facility. Its a condition of employment. You were just a non participating member. I was at WHC, and the union dues were negligable. $40/month or something similar. WHC used to be a great hospital from talking to people that have been there forever, but all they care about is being cheap (not frugal). 1/2 the nurses there are agency/travel--being paid $100+/hr. I'm not saying the nurses make that much, but the agency is paid that much or more and then pays the nurses.

    WHC--"Patient Worst"
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    not true; you can opt out of a union in any union facility
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    you may be able to opt out, but you still have to pay dues, even if you choose not to be part of the union.
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    you don't have to pay union dues, but $ still comes out of your paycheck for something else if you don't (i forget what exactly). also, WHC is NOT the only hospital in DC with a union; CNMC is unionized, too.

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