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Hi everyone! I have been looking into various schools to do a nursing program at and Howard Unversity peeked my interest. Is there anyone out there that has attended or is currently attending that can give me some information on... Read More

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    In the 1st place from my experience pls don't make this school ur 1st choice b/c their undergrad admission office sucks they loose ur transcript 10 times before they finally claim that you sent it.
    I mean things r totally redicioulous let me tell u something the admission will send denial letter and the nursing dept is gonna send u acceptance letter that is how much of a mess they are.
    When u try to talk to the dean about all the thing that goes on the admission office nobody seems to actually care or even listen to students. They will just tell u the President/dean is too busy at the moment and they will let u talk to some assistant who is going to tell u the same exact mess the admission office has been telling you.
    After all you give up about Howard and u leave them alone month after the nursing program starts they start emailing you saying pls disregard our email we sent u about ur acceptance that was an error. I MEAN COME ON EVERYTHING THEY DO IS AN ERROR! COME ON THE SCHOOL GOT TO BE A LITTLE MORE PROFESSIONAL THAN THIS THEY ALREADY HAVE BAD NAME OUT THERE EVERYONE WHO HAS ANY CONTACT WITH THAT SCHOOL ALREADY KNOWS THAT UNDER GRAD ADMISSION OFFICE IS FALLING APART!!
    That school is really falling apart save ur money and try someother school trust me it's not worth the hussel that u have to go through that office and at the end they will lost ur stuff u will be out of luck and fraustrated!!
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