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Hi all, Just wondering if anyone else out there applied to George Washington University's BSN program to start this fall? I know the deadline was last week and I got an email saying applications were being "reviewed" so... Read More

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    I've gone through the program and just wanted to share a little about it.
    -Most of the teachers are great, they're knowledgeable, kind, caring and really want you to succeed. Not all the clinical instructors are that great but you can't have everything...
    -The clinical sites are GWU, VHC, Prince William, Loudoun INOVA, FAir Oaks, Reston hospital. No sites in MD. They TRY to match you to a site close to where you live, no guarantees
    -Clinicals start at 6:30am and end around 6:30ish. The 8 hour clinicals sometimes are 3-11
    -You will always stay late for class(~10-30min), they never ever let you out on time (too much info to cover in too short of a time)
    -Do everything you possibly can to LIVE NEAR CAMPUS, true there isn't a lot in Ashburn, but its only 1 year people, you can do it! You'll save yourself the stress of commuting and the time is so precious when you're so busy!!! Check out Arch Stone and Point at River Ridge, if you live at Point in a 3 bed it'll cost you about $580/month
    -GWU does not offer financial aid, they don't help you try to find it either. If this is important to you (and it should be considering there are a LOT of schools that offer scholarships or have partnerships with hospitals for tuition reimbursement) go elsewhere.
    -The program is still new, they're still trying to get organized, they're still trying to figure out the glitches... I have no idea if this is unique to GW or universal, but typically this causes them to not notify us of things until the very last minute
    -you will be IMMERSED in this program. They OWN you for these 15 months, that's right.. sunday night they send out an email with a homework assignment that's due monday.. not fair, but you better do it... or else.... or else what? We don't exactly know what the consequences are for not completing half they things they give to us, or demand that we do (like kaplan)
    -they will treat you like children, attendance taken at class, call the teachers "Mrs." etc. it's condescending, but oh well

    hope that's a little helpful

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    so glad you guys did what i did & applied at george washington university (gwu) & fully accredited. it is a name school with excellent instructors. i also applied at shenandoah university (leesburg, va) & i got in but on the day i came in to interview, nursing students were arguing & crying in the hallway. the instructors were in disarray & i felt a certain tension that all was not well. well, i turned around and headed home because shenandoah university is not professional enough for the job that they need to do; namely, instruct tomorrows nursing leaders. i have friends who graduated from shenandoah who claim that the staff (all female) are misogynistic (hate women) so it may be best to stay clear.

    here is a timely article about misogyny i found in forbes. shenandoah university in lessburg, va has this problem in spades and it starts at the top. if you hear about environments like this, itis not your problem it is theirs. stay away...

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    HI all,

    I'm applying for admission next year and i was wondering if you could share some information about your GPA and what made you competitive for admission. I took both A&Ps about 7 years ago, but GWU does not have a A&P time criteria, so i'm wondering whether i should just take them before admission to be competitive. Any information will help. Thanks and congrats to all that made it this year.
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    Hi everyone,
    I was just accepted for Spring 2013 and was wondering if anyone is in the same boat...?
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    I did I'm very excited!

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