Georgetown University Accelerated Second Degree BSN Applicants

  1. 0 Good luck fellow Georgetown Accelerated Second Degree BSN applicants
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    Thank you! You too!!!
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    Does anyone know when we are supposed to hear about an interview?
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    I hope soon! I have to put a deposit down at another school, and I wish I would know about GT before I do that.
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    I got invited to an interview and I'm going on March 17. I got an email and I spoke with Laura Adams and she told me it would be the only communication so everyone should be hearing soon. I also learned that the acceptance rate for people who get interviews is 80%. I hope that helps and good luck to all.
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    You found out already? If you dont mind me asking, when did you get an email? I'm so nervous! That is reassuring that 80 percent of everyone that interviews is accepted....I just hope I make it to the initial stage! Let me know! And congrats!
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    3:12 PM. I was sitting in the lobby of Bank of America waiting to open a new account. God Bless Verizon and the Treo 755p :spin: :bowingpur
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    For clarification- I meant 3:12 PM today February 21, 2008. Feel free to IM on AIM at gabbey112 if you have any immediate questions. I'm up on the website right now looking up the information. I know about the 80% because I spoke with Laura Adams on the phone since I had specific questions.
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    Oh wow, did anyone else hear anything yesterday??? I hope I get an interview!

    If anyone else gets an interview, post here so that we all can manage our anxieties, LOL.
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    Most do the same! Good luck! :spin:
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    And add interview tips! Speaking of anxiety I my job messed up my schedule so much that I haven't slept properly for a month and I have to take a sleep aid. I have never had to take sleep medication before....ever! So I'm taking off until I feel better or I remotely feel like going to work....suckers! Cause of my work situation I have to go to the chairman of the biology department to see if I can still remain in my microbiology class. If Georgetown will let me I would just rather take it in my first semester. I've already taken nutrition and human growth and development. I will see what the chairman says before asking Laura Adams.
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    I'm sorry about you not feeling well, but at least you know you've gotten an interview! I think they might be flexible at georgetown, but it is probably best that you try to get back in your micro class. Have you finished most of GU's prereqs? I've gotten everything done except Chem, Micro, and will be finishing up Phys in a month (quarter system). It has already been quite a challenging semester taking all three at the same time. Eeek!
    So what is this job that's messing up your sleep schedule so much? I hope you get it all resolved.
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    Just checking in with you guys -- do you think that for those of us who haven't heard anything about an interview yet means that we won't get one?

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