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Hi everyone! I submitted my application for Georgetown's ABSN program. Has anyone else applied?... Read More

  1. by   evar
    I'm in too!!! No word about the scholarship though. Just make sure to get all your information to financial aid since it's need-based!
  2. by   evar
    Quote from Bohbee
    I got in! Did anyone hear about scholarships?
    Is Georgetown your first choice? Are you going to accept? I'm still in a bit of a shock. I worked my butt off for this but it doesn't feel quite real yet.
  3. by   Bohbee
    I have one other option that may be better financially. But yes I am still in shock!!
  4. by   tb2013
    Hey guys! I got accepted also! What are your thought processes for accepting the admission?
  5. by   evar
    Quote from tb2013
    Hey guys! I got accepted also! What are your thought processes for accepting the admission?
    I'm definitely accepting. I've come to terms that it will be the most expensive thing I've done in my life so far but after doing the math of going through an Associates to a RN-BSN....I've figured I'll be spending about the same money and that route takes waayyyy longer. So long as I can qualify for the loans and hopefully part of the nursing scholarship they are offering - I'm there. I've started the apartment search already. I live in upstate NY and it's about an 8 hr drive down. I'm in a ASN program now and my semester doesn't end until Dec. 20th so I'll be cutting it close.
  6. by   91Kam
    i didn't receive anything yet, hopefully on monday!
  7. by   Bohbee
    @evar let me know if you have any questions about areas to live. I know it can be a little overwhelming to figure out. (I used to live in DC)
  8. by   AchillesS
    Hello, I also got accepted. I live in Manassas, VA and I am not sure about the commute. Advice anyone?
  9. by   tb2013
    Hey! If you guys know any good places to live around there let me know! I graduate from undergrad in Dec so I'll be cutting it close too! Do you know the exact tuition cost?
  10. by   Bohbee
    Glover park and georgetown are close neighborhoods that are bus/walking distance. I would recommend looking at craigslist for housing just avoid the too good to be true prices and "rent to buy" postings. I have been thinking about other neighborhoods like Columbia Heights, Capitol Hill and Mt Pleasant because they are cheap but I think the commuting could be a pain unless we can park on campus. Generally, avoid neighborhoods outside of NW. Parts of NE and SW are ok. Other good neighborhoods (in my opinion)- woodley park, Cleveland park, adams Morgan, dupont, foggy bottom, west end, Logan circle, tenleytown (on convenient bus lines), shaw, eastern market and U street. I wouldn't worry about finding housing last minute, every apartment I have ever had in DC was found 2 weeks prior to when I wanted to move!
  11. by   Nursejennaa
    Hi everyone I am a little late to this post... I have been accepted into the ABSN program as well!

    I am coming from Western NY and also am unsure of where to live etc. Laura Adams told me that there will be an invite for all of those who have been admitted to come down sometime during November so I figure that will be a good time to scope out the apartments in the area etc. I have been looking at a few places in Arlington online and when I check the traffic reports it doesn't seem that bad of a drive only 15 minutes if you follow 29 and live in ballston. Does anyone on here know of fun places to live in Arlington?

    I read some where on the website that Georgetown does not offer parking for students which is awful but hopefully there is a lot nearby. Is anyone else planning on having a car down there?
  12. by   evar
    I'm looking at Glover Park, that is where my friends have lived for years when they went to Georgetown and then to American. Also looking at the area around American U and the cathedral. Also looking at Arlington - as close to Rosslyn as possible since you can walk right over Key Bridge or take the GUTS bus to campus. I'll have my car, a lot of DC is zone parking so if you don't switch your tags, you'll run into parking issues. Public transportation in DC is great though.
  13. by   guest08/01/16
    hi all, i'm considering applying to Georgetown. Do any of you know how the school converts quarter to semester units?