Georgetown ABSN Fall 2014

  1. Hi everyone! I didn't see any threads for fall 2014, I submitted my application a few days ago, has anyone else applied?
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  3. by   kennydaantkilla
    Hi hopefulBE, I've been looking for a Fall 2014 thread, too, so thanks for creating one! I submitted my application a couple weeks ago. So glad that's over.
  4. by   hopefulBE
    Oh finally someone to share thoughts with! I felt alone hahaha. I feel like my videi interview was rather robotic.. it was hard sounding like my self lol! Did yours go better?
  5. by   kennydaantkilla
    Not at all! That was the most difficult of the application for me, so I don't feel that great about it, but at least it's over with!
  6. by   hopefulBE
    Haha yea.. after over the 5th time recotding I just gave up and decided it was the best I could do.. are you from the area? And have you applied to other schools?
  7. by   TolDoll
    Hi all! I applied to this program, too. Submitted my application the day it was due and submitted my questionable video at midnight on the 2nd attempt haha. I've already been accepted to one program, wait-listed at 2 others, and have 1 more to apply to. Let the waiting games begin all over again...
  8. by   hopefulBE
    Hi TolDoll! Oh congrats! Do you mind sharing the shool(s) you were accepted to/wait-listed, and applying to? haha. I've applied to Oregon health and sciences ABSN, University of Washington's BSN (taking the proctored soon), Seattle University BSN, Washington State University BSN, Bellevue College (ADN), Georgetown, and Duke's ABSN (interview this week). Some more in march.. ughh haha
  9. by   TolDoll
    Hi again. I was accepted at Drexel, wait-listed at MGHIHP and UPenn and am now waiting to hear from Georgetown/NYU. I was originally going to apply to about 10 programs but after I got into Drexel I cut the number in half haha.
  10. by   hopefulBE
    yea! i want to apply to about 10+.. if any of them got back to me early I definitely would have cut down haha! too bad they will all come at once.. march-april ish. But thats a good load off your hands, so congrats again =). You applied to NYU ABSN as well? isnt' the deadline march 1st?
  11. by   cycle22
    I applied in December but haven't heard anything except an email saying my application was received and complete on 2/10. I also applied to GW and Hopkins. I'll post if I hear anything!
  12. by   hopefulBE
    Hi cycle22, best wishes to you!
  13. by   cycle22
    Thank you hopefulBE- you too!
  14. by   hopefulBE
    has anyone heard back about anything..?