George Washington University Accelerated BSN Fall 2010 - page 2

Does anyone know anything about GWU's accelerated BSN program? (ie. reputation, acceptance rate, etc) Any info would be really helpful. Thanks!... Read More

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    Did they tell you there were only 40 seats? When I went to an info session a few months ago I thought they said they were going to have more this year.

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    Oh, I was just reading on GWU's website under the FAQs. It says "How many students are in the program? With our inaugural class, 20 students matriculated into the program. For the Fall 2010 class, 40 students are to be admitted." But maybe they could have decided to change the amount of students admitted since they last updated their website??
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    I just received my acceptance this afternoon ~woohoo!!! Good luck everybody, I hope you all hear good news!
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    Congratulations! Was it an email or an actual letter? I just called and they said not all the decisions have been made yet. I am sooooo nervous! I have to get in!
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    It was an email saying that a decision was posted on my online account. I had to log in to my GWU application and click a link to the letter. This type of stuff is always so nerve-wracking and suspenseful!!
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    Congrats pita16! So happy for you. I'm hoping to hear good news soon too.
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    so i just got accepted i have a deposit down for another school so I am pretty set on going there. I was Just wondering if we have heard anything from this years class? do they offer much in the way of finicial aid?
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    Congrats to all of you! I got the good news myself. See you all this fall.
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    Hello -

    I wonder if anyone who is already in the program can share their experience so far into the program?
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    Hi everyone,

    I am curious as to what your overall GPA was, as well as your science GPA. Also, I have a DUI that I received in 2004 and I am worried that it will affect my chances on getting into nursing school. Any help you could give me would be great!

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