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Hi all, I'm applying to GMU's accelerated BSN program for fall 2011 admission, and I have a few questions... First of all, I know that they don't require letters of recommendation, but will they... Read More

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    I forget where I took mine, I think the only options were up in the Alexandria/Arlington area. I didn't find the exam too hard, definitely study and follow the study guide. The anatomy/physiology part of the exam was the hardest because I had only taken the first part of the course when I took the exam, but I still managed to score an 84% on that part.
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    HI. I am applying for next fall. Would you mind sharing your stats. I am having so much anxiety
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    Some people were asking about NOVA's requirement for one year of Chem for Bio205 (micro). My experience was that the requirement is very flexible. I had taken one semester of college chem. I went to the bio dept and talked to the assistant dean. She quickly approved me to take Bio205 with only one semester of chem, but since it was an exception to the policy, the bio dept had to register me for the class (rather than me doing it myself online).